Baystate Waterfowl Outfitters

Baystate Waterfowl Outfitters was started when two hunting buddies who love the outdoors had a conversation in a blind; the rest is history. Founder, Josh Mollison, strives to offer reasonable, fun hunts where all are welcome to come learn and enjoy the outdoors. There’s nothing like the camaraderie that goes on in the blind amongst friends, especially the laughs along the way.

Baystate currently offers guided hunts for geese, ducks, turkeys, and early bear season!

Early & Regular Goose Season – Half Day: $150 per person, Full Day: $250 per person
Duck Hunt – Half Day: $150 per person, Full Day: $250 per person
Late Season Goose Hunt – $250 per person *Full day only
Turkey Hunt – $200 per person
Early Season Bear Hunt – $225 per person
25% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking

Josh started his hunting journey at the young age of eight years old. My uncle, who is my inspiration, let me tag along on his turkey hunt. Finally at the age of 16 I got my first turkey, this is where the addiction started, and from that day on I was unable to stay away from the hunt.

A big part of Josh’s mission is to get more kids outdoors, so Baystate offers discounted rates for youth hunters as well as certain opportunities free of charge. Baystate also offers discounts to military members & first responders.

The buddy in the blind was co-founder Dana Vignato, the second half of this dynamic duo. Dana’s background into hunting all started in the second grade when he got my first dog; a Brittany spaniel named Buck. I would tag along with my father pheasant hunting on Saturdays. Buck became my fathers dog, but the breeder gave me a Braque Francais pointer named “Gunner”.  When I got of age to hunt by myself I’d take him after school and on Saturdays out where I fell in love watching him work and finding birds. It wasn’t till after after high school when Dana started goose hunting to extend his season.

It started small, a few decoys and a couple buddies in a cornfield on a Saturday evening hunt, calling and calling; they had a massive flock landed in the spread and from that point on, Dana was hooked. Sitting on a riverbank watching the sun come up or ducks buzzing your decoys before legal light is no better feeling for me, no place I’d rather be either. Something about calling a wild bird and having them respond to your call. Being outside hunting with friends, there is nothing better to me in the world. 

Sheryl came in late to the game with Baystate, but instantly fell in love with the team and the sport; she’s “one of the guys”. Although an avid angler and hunter, she is new to the waterfowl scene but the team has taken her under their wing.

In September 2022 a friend of mine invited me on her goose hunt, something I had never done before but I was all in, so off we went! It was opening weekend of early season, and it was a rough hunt but it was one of the most FUN hunts I had ever been on, Baystate made sure of it. Josh, Dana and I kept in touch, hunted some more together, and the three of us have become good friends. We also realized quickly, that we make a great team!

Client hunts are my favorite, because you get to watch someone else experience the joy of a passion that we all share. Youth hunters are by far, the most fun to work with. There’s nothing like seeing a kids face light up at the sounds of geese in the distance!

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