Jigs and Bigs

Welcome to the Jigs and Bigs fishing report! I have teamed up with Jigs and Bigs, and their local Jig Heads, to get the word out on fishing! Read the weekly report every Thursday to see what conditions are like, where the weather has been and is headed, hot baits, and more! Don’t forget to follow Jigs and Bigs on Facebook and Instagram!

Meet the Jig Heads

Bobby Roast Beef

  • Co-host & content creator of J&B
  • Fishes small waters from both shore & his kayak
  • Mainly targets bass, but LOVES all kinds of freshwater species
  • Loves urban fishing
  • Encourages looking for those hidden gems holding fish in the least likely of places!

Shawn “the Fisherman” Dominik

  • Co-host, content creator, and Tournament Director for J&B
  • Tournament Director for Massachusetts Kayak Bassin Western Division
  • Tournament Director for Chronic Trips
  • Husband, father, Veteran, coach and lifelong fisherman

Jon Reidy aka Cousin Jon

  • Recreational fishing & hunting
  • Dabble’s in wood working
  • Shawn’s Cousin
  • Husband & soon to be father
  • Certified athletic trainer

Brett Veazie aka Berkshire Brett

  • Hunter & angler
  • Amateur bait maker
  • Veteran
  • Berkshire County resident and native, fishing all types of waters in Southern Berkshire County

Ryan Bogli

  • Recreational and tournament angler
  • Freshwater angler with saltwater background
  • Almost husband
  • Southbridge resident with fishing coverage from central to western MA with the occasional Cape trip

Tim Jacques

  • Current President of North East Bass Anglers, out of Agawam, MA
  • Bass tournament angler fishing both individual and team tournaments for Mass Bass
  • Has fished tournaments all over New England with my favorite being Thousand Islands (Ny/Ontario)
  • Most of my fun fishing finds me on the CT river, Lake Congamond, and Onota
  • Husband, father, J.A.G

Andy Quinn

  • Been fishing Western MA for most of my life & grew up next to the CT River
  • Lived in Oklahoma and fished all over that state as well
  • Mainly fishing in the Berkshires and the CT River
  • Both my son & daughter were raised fishing on the boat with me, and still join me today
  • The coolest & furthest I’ve fished was Diego Garcia
  • The best place to fish was Lake Champlain for family vacations

Nelson Dacosta

  • First generation American of Portuguese dcent
  • Fishing (freshwater & saltwater) and hunting are my drugs of choice
  • Father of two teenage girls that love the outdoors, especially ice fishing
  • Husband to an awesome wife
  • Massachusetts Kayak Bassin Western Division tournaments assistant director
  • Hookset Hoodlums pro staff

Joe Brown

  • Owner & Founder of Old Glory Outdoors
  • Tournament Bass Angler, multi-species angler, & hunter
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Inherent Resolve
  • Veteran
  • Husband & father
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