Jigs and Bigs Fishing Report: 05/13/21

Moving forward, I will be posting a weekly fishing report in collaboration with Jigs and Bigs and their Jig Heads. I’m super excited to be working with these guys. They have all made me feel very welcome and included! 

With Turkey season in full swing, I personally only got out once to fish in the past week, on the CT River. It was chilly, windy and nothing was really happening. We caught one catfish, around 5 pm and all was quiet for the rest of the evening. Water levels are up, as we’ve had some rain the past couple weeks and I think water temperature was still a bit low. 

On Wednesday and Saturday last week Shaw the Fisherman was up in the Berkshires. He reported bass, pickerel, and perch all in gorging mode with bass in pre-spawn and perch in post spawn, all on schooled up bait fish over submerged weed beds. Minnow impersonators caught fish, including 3 largies over 18”. He hit up “Da Shires” again on Tuesday reporting water in the mid 50s with a couple of bass around standing timber on jigs, the largest being 18”. The day before, he was skunked in warm water on the Connecticut river, in the mid 60s, with lots of movement in the shallows. Shawn suspected the bass were bedding. Yesterday also brought some cloud dropping rain.

Berkshire Brett agreed with Shawn, adding that water levels have been high and the river levels are finally starting to draw back. He got out to the Housatonic twice over the last 2 weeks and the fish are definitely active with a few small bass, with bellies full of small pike. He also noted that he noticed fly fishing starting to pick back up on warmer days. Trout stocking in his neck of the woods is on its second round. 

Nelson also spent some time in “da Shires” for the second Massachusetts Kayak Bassin’ Western Division Tournament trail stop. He found bass and pickerel around boulders and rock piles that were willing to take squarebill crankbait and a ned rig. There were just enough bass to put him in 3rd place. Nelson also found himself fishing in a pond in North Central MA where he had bass and pickerel relating to wood, catching them on chatter bait and weightless plastic. Trolling with a silver and black Rapala also brought in a rainbow and a brown trout, after he’d seen some fish surface. Changing gears Nelson fished for about an hour while his daughter was at soccer at a pond/river with class earthworms, trying to add species to the Jigs & Bigs Multispecies Tournament. He landed white perch, bluegill, and bullhead. 

Shifting to the Otis Reservoir, Andy reported the water still lower than normal from the winter drawdown. Andy was able to launch his bass boat at the Tolland State Forest ramp. Water temps from 45-48 degrees, and a great day of fishing! Almost all of the largemouth, smallies, and pickerel were taken out on suspended jerkbait. The lake was stocked at both ramps with trout two weeks ago. 

Further southeast, Tim and Cousin Jon hit the Congamond Lakes. Tim reported that the temperature in the north pond has fluctuated with the cooler weather between 55-60 degrees, with the bass moving up to their beds. In the middle pond the water was a bit cooler, but Tuesday 5/11, the temperature was 58 degrees. In the windy conditions it was the reaction baits that did the trick and the bass were hammering them. Lots of decent sized trout too, either following baits or hooking up. Cousin Jon added that the bass were guarding beds, hitting neg rigs and one on chatter bait. Pickerel also hit the rig, if given the right opportunity. 

Joe at Old Glory says South Pond in Brookfield has been on fire. Alewives are moving and they are catching multiple species of pin fish both from shore and in the boat including brown trout, largies, white perch, and rainbows. It seems live shiners have been popular bait there. Everywhere else, it appears the bass are ready to bed up. Jigs and vibrating jigs seem to be producing the highest quality fish, he recommends Boag Hog Baits for both. He also has had luck with flukes, lipless, and squarebill cranks. Also mentioned the occasional hit on jerk baits, specifically the 6th sense provoke. 

Last but not least, Ryan. He points out that Central MA fishing for him has been slower than last year, but he’s still having better luck on the red squarebill. It was getting blasted by smallies at Lake Singletary. Nothing a lot of great size, but a lot by the numbers. He also did some kayaking at a small secluded body of water, throwing around big swim baits and landed a 6lb 6oz on a top water wake at sundown. He pointed out that he usually lives with his swim jigs this time of year, and it’s been a rough bite. He’s seen them moving up shallow tho in ponds and some lakes. He’s hopeful that a few nice days in a row this week will have them hungry. 

Looking at the weather forecast for the next few days, looks like we are headed for warmer weather. Berkshire county’s still going to be in the high 60s, but Hampshire, Hampden and Worcester counties are moving into the 70s. Hope you’ll all try to get out this week. Good luck!

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