Jigs and Bigs Fishing Report: 05/20/2021

I can’t believe it’s Thursday already, and we are into the 3rd week of May. Time is flying and great things are happening on the fishing front.

I was able to get out a little bit more this week, and let me tell you the warmer weather has made a difference up in the hilltowns. Friday I fished a small secluded body of water with my dad from a canoe. Lots of bass on beds. We went just before 7 pm, it was about 65 degrees and still sunny. Ended up landing 4 pickerel and 3 largemouth bass, all with a top water Ripplin RedFins. Monday I tried the same place, with only a couple hits and a largemouth that came off right before I was able to get him into the boat. This was also my first time fishing in a kayak, so I was more focused on maintaining my balance, and less focused on the fishing.

Lots of good news from our Jig Heads, but let’s start off with Nelson! Not only did he celebrate a birthday over the weekend, but he took first place and lunker bass in the third MAKB Western Division trail stop at East/West Waushacum ponds. He chose to fish West Waushacum pond that also had a smaller pond connected to it and spent the entire tournament in that smaller pond.  He reported water temps just under 60 degrees at 6am and then they sky rocketed to 68 degrees by the end of the tournament at 2pm. 

Nelson caught all of his SEVENTEEN bass on a floating Rapala and various weightless plastics – they did not want any kind of moving bait. Only 2 bites from pickerel. Nelson’s 5 biggest bass equaled 93 inches which put him in first place! Way to go man, and happy belated! 

His next outing was only for about an hour on the Chicopee river in Ludlow where he donated 2 lures to the fish gods and got no bites. The river was pretty low and there was a bug hatch happening while he was there. He said that he witnessed several fish coming to the surface to gorge on them.  

Shawn the Fisherman pre-fished and fished the MAKB Western Tournament last Wednesday and then Saturday at East Waushacum Pond in central Mass. Largemouth and smallmouth were heading to beds with the water just touching 60 degrees. In between he also hit a couple timber-strewn ponds up “da ‘Shires”. Largemouth seemed to be lethargic both days, but he managed to catch a couple at each using crankbaits and weighted plastic creatures. Shawn noted that he’s currently taking a pause to bust out some at-home projects before heading to Candlewood Lake in western Connecticut for the KBF National Trail Stop this coming weekend.

Cousin Jon got out in the southern pioneer valley this week. He had a few hits from largemouth on jigs around submerged logs and other downed cover. Nibbler largemouth were happy to hit ned rigs. He also made it out on the CT River. He had several hits from stripers on swimbaits, mimicking baitfish. Smallies and largemouth were also happy to hit the same.

Berkshire Brett hit the Housatonic River with his dad. He didn’t get a water temp, but said that they were charting fish suspended a few feet below the surface, or down on the bottom. They managed to catch a couple small pickerel on in-line spinners in the back channels, and missed one BIG hit in the main current.  The heavy head shakes point to it most definitely being a pike! Brett’s dad managed a couple 1-2 pound bass in the back flows/channels as well. Lots of baitfish strewn about those areas, amongst the thick vegetation.

Andy went out to Otis. He reported that the water is back up to normal levels and 60-65 degrees. He was able to get a few on lipless crank baits but later in the day the bite slowed. He switched to ned rigs pulling out a few more, before heading off the water.

Joe from Old Glory has done quite a bit of fishing throughout the week, taking in his biggest fish off of a shaky head rigged with a 6th sense divine shaky worm. He noted that he also had some luck on a nose hooked fluke and vibrating jigs. The fish seem to be heading to beds in most places, and appear to already be there at smaller, central ma bodies of water. Joe reported they are still hitting the trout in the Quaboag River system and in-line spinners seem to be the weapon of choice. At South Pond in Brookfield drifting shiners and trolling spoons is still working well on trout. Several pinfish of a variety of species have been caught there in the last 14 days. Pictured here,Joe’s stepson with his new PB bass, caught 2 days ago. Way to go man! 

Tim has been all over since our last report. Starting with Onota lake in the Berkshires, water temp was 54-55 degrees and smallies were starting to do what they do. Plastics were the key as he put a solid 4-pounder in the boat. He also had one of the biggest smallies I’ve ever seen slash at his jerkbait, and somehow not get stuck. Next up,  down to the Cape where he hit two bodies of water. The first day water temps were 58-60 and had a solid day of 2-3-pounders while bed fishing with various types of soft plastics. The second day was a tournament day, with water temps between 60-62. He used the rattle trap and soft plastics again. The majority of fish caught were caught off of beds. Unfortunately, they did not catch the bigger fish needed to place in the tournament amongst some seriously good anglers. Lastly, Tim paid a visit to Congamond here in Western Mass. Water temps creeping up 65 degrees and the fish are still on beds.  It was a solid day of fishing, with spinner bait getting slammed when the wind picked up.  

Don’t forget that the Jigs and Bigs Multispecies Freshwater Tournament is happening, and you can still sign up! All proceeds are going to Make MA Fishing Spots Great Again (MMFSGA). Their mission is “to make our favorite fishing spots/public water and land great again!” Check out their page on Facebook! If you want to participate, just download the Fishing Chaos app, create an account, and search for Jigs and Bigs. Please be sure you read and understand ALL of the rules before participating. There are currently 44 anglers with 254 fish entered. Good luck everyone! 

That’s all I got for you this week. Get out and fish! 

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