Wild Woman Spotlight -June

This month’s Wild Woman Spotlight is a lovely lady from Oakwood, Ontario named Toni Cooper. Back in the spring she posted a picture on IG of her with some beautiful turkeys that caught my eye. Part of her post that really moved me was what she wrote about the people she hunts with. I am so lucky to have hunted and learned from amazing people. This year I am at it again and have worked even harder and hope I’m successful, but it’s more about getting out there and learning and enjoying. I wouldn’t be where I am today without others and I think it’s huge that we help each other, lift each other up and acknowledge each other. I couldn’t agree more and when I reached out to Toni she responded that she loved the idea and that she would be up for participating.

These monthly pieces have become my favorite to write, mostly because when I read the answers that these women are sending and look over their pictures I can feel their passion. Something that I can relate to very well and I am honored to be able to showcase it, especially with someone like Toni who is so uplifting and encouraging to others.

Toni loves to hunt and fish but more than that she wants to share this with anyone who will listen, something I can relate to very much.  Not only am I a hunter and fisher woman, I am a mother, and a grandmother of 2 beautiful granddaughters, who I can’t wait to teach everything I know. Toni, thank you for letting me share your story! Don’t forget to check her out on Facebook and Instagram

I got into fishing and hunting through my family. I was raised in a family that hunted and fished a lot. I remember being young and not being able to catch fish so my dad taught me to clean the fish that my sisters caught.  I remember going to my grandfather’s hunting camp when we were young. I loved it there. 

My grandfather and my father were my role models. I loved watching and learning from them, and I still love learning from my dad, and hearing stories about my grandfather’s hunting adventures.

Other than hunting and fishing, I enjoy camping and kayaking, as well as canning what I grow in my veggie garden each year. 

My favorite animal to hunt is turkeys. It teaches me so much. Patience, determination, discipline, and much more. I taught myself to turkey hunt in 2017 and have been successful each year since I started.  We live on 50 acres where I hunt here at home most of the time.  I do travel within Ontario to hunt, my favorite folks to hunt with is GoHuntBirds. I would have to say the highlight would be hunting turkeys in Quebec with GoHuntBirds and getting both my birds before 7:45 am on Day 1.  In Quebec you can shoot both your birds on the same day but can only hunt till noon.

I looked into GoHuntBirds. I love what I found on their website in regards to their vision, and I can see why Toni loves working with them. GoHuntBirds was founded in 2007 as a hunting club of friends and over time as they branded the club and word got out it expanded greatly. “Our focus is on helping you become a better overall hunter and allow you to build the confidence and the tools to go out there and do it on your own. In doing so we want to get to know you, your family, your friends, your co-workers, your clients and even your dogs.  We want to build relationships with you that last a lifetime so that you will look forward to renewing your membership to hunt with us again and again.” 

I do think women’s experience in these sports are different from men’s because we experience things differently. Plus it was for many years it was only men that would do the hunting and fishing, and some still believe this today. I have hunted with a lot of men, but a lot of women as well. There are definitely more women out in the hunting and fishing world now and there are more upcoming for sure. That makes me extremely happy.  

My future goal in the hunting and fishing industry is to get more ladies and youths on and into the sport.  

I would tell women not to hesitate, get out there. Do you!! If you have questions, anyone can message me at any time. I love helping. Never hesitate to do something you want to do. Own who you are and do you!!! That is my saying.  Women get out there and do it!

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