Jigs and Bigs Fishing Report: 07/15/21

We had a long, rainy week but a few of our jig heads still managed to make time to get out on the water. 

Andy fished both Shaw Pond in Becket and Otis between rain storms this week. He reported that the water is very high, as one would expect after all of the recent rain. The bite was non-existent until midday each time he went out. Any nabbed a decent size perch and a pickerel that put up a good fight, just before noon, on crank baits. Andy mentioned also, on a safety note, the high water has seemed to dislodge some limbs and other shoreline debris, so keep an eye out for that.

Nelson got out a couple times this week. His first outing he reported finding fish on the edge of weeds in 6-8 ft of water, on a chatter bait. He also found some bass in 12-15 ft deep water on weighted soft plastics. Nelson’s second outing was just before some rain rolled in. with some action on weightless soft plastics. Once the rain started he found an incredible top water frog bite. Although he missed multiple strikes on the frog, he did hook those same fish when he followed up with a weightless soft plastic. He said he encourages everyone to keep a second rod handy with a weightless soft plastic as a backup presentation when fishing top water lures. If you miss a top water strike, follow up with a weightless soft plastic. Most of the time you will hook that fish that just missed the top water lure.

Tim hit the Connecticut River Barton’s cove yesterday where water temperatures were about 70 degrees. High water levels and chocolate milk, with lots of debris, so he chose to not fish much of the river. He did have two rats hook up on top water. Tim said he spent most of his time fishing the weeds in the cove where he was able to get 4 keeper bites off of lily pads. Surprisingly top water was a non factor for him in the cove.

Joe from OGO was able to get out in the kayak quite a few times this week. He was able to break down a small body of water in the Brookfield’s and reported that the top water bite was on fire. Whopper plopper 130 from the bank to the boat, and a frog in the pads. Joe pointed out that just because it isn’t morning or night that doesn’t mean there won’t be a top water bite. He used them all day when it was cloudy, and produced several fish in the 4lb and 3lb class. He also was able to catch fish with a wacky rig, flipping the Fresh Baitz Scorpion, and a spinner bait which was producing in open water.

Shawn the Fisherman is officially back from his trip to Minnesota, which if you have been keeping up with the latest Jigs and Bigs episodes, you know was pretty epic. Don’t forget to tune in every Tuesday and give it a listen! Tight lines! 

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