Jigs and Bigs Fishing Report: 09/09/21

Here we are again; another Thursday, another fishing report! The long weekend had some of our jig heads, and myself, tied up with camping and other activities but the rest were out to fish! 

Ryan got out a few times this week taking two trips to Quaboag, once for pre fishing and another for tournament day. He had completely opposite conditions on both days. Ryan reports that the water was 9 degrees cooler on tournament day, with no cloud cover. He was able to get some smaller fish along with a lunker at 4.13 in the weedline throwing a 10″ finesse worm rigged with a weighted Texas rig. He was also able to land some shorts and other species on the ned rig. 

Ryan reports that his smaller ponds still seem to be producing, but he’s been so busy with work. He plans on having some fun saltwater reports next week as he’s going on a giant bluefin tuna trip Sunday and Monday. Good luck Ryan! 

Berkshire Brett says that the weather has been cooling down in the Berkshires, with nights down in the 50’s which have him excited for a serious uptick in action. Unfortunately, weather has been pushing his outings back, as he’s been trying to target moving water. The downpours over the past two weeks made the river too harsh until Friday or so. He did manage a couple smallies and some browns at a favorite honey hole, even with the water still 3 feet above normal. One of the browns being his new PB, beating his last by a full inch! Way to go man! 

Tuesday and Wednesday night Brett reports that he went out seeking pike. Tuesday produced two on a spinner that he modified. Wednesday he had limited time, the wind picked up ahead of a band of storms coming in which made it difficult to navigate. Produced one decent crappie, but no pike. I will continue my search for gators this weekend!

Andy Fished Quabog Saturday in the OGO tournament on Saturday with Shawn. They finished 3rd overall. Andy reported that they covered lots of water before they found the good ones hiding in those weed beds.

Monday he was back out on Otis reservoir where the water was 66 degrees. The fishing was slow going there but both largemouth and smallmouth were still biting crankbaits with the most action near the docks.

Shawn the Fisherman had a busy 4-day stretch from Thursday to Monday. First off, all the water I fished had temps in the high 60s. It isn’t time for turnover yet, but it’s on the horizon. Still time to fish summer patterns, as the fish haven’t spread out everywhere yet.

Thursday, he tried a lake in the foothills of ‘da ‘Shires where he got a handful of largemouth to take a weighted plastic creature. Shaw said he was a bit surprised he had that much action, as a front had just passed. I was expecting a degree of lockjaw.

Friday, he faced off with Jon Medina in the semifinal round of the MAKB KO tourney. They headed out to Sturbridge, and had windy, bluebird skies to contend with. Shawn ended up taking the win, catching his limit with a combination of bladed jigs over weed beds, and a bass jig in the sparse timber. He caught a 19″ kicker bass that was the difference (jig).

Saturday, he fished his first bass boat tourney in over a decade, as designated 1st mate on fellow fishing reporter Andy’s rig. After a slow start, we got on a weighted creature-in-weeds pattern, and pulled out a 3rd place finish in a pretty loaded field!

Sunday, Shawn went back to the yak in the rain at one of his favorite hidey-holes up ‘da ‘Shires to pursue some multispecies action for the Jigs and Bigs monthly tourney. He did manage to get on the board for sunfish with a sizable rock rass, and to add some length in the Any 5 category. Unfortunately, Shaw reports, it was a lot of junk fishing, as the fish just weren’t biting as he thought they would be in the rain. 

Shawn also reminds us that there will be less and less anglers and recreation boaters on the water. It isn’t Autumn yet, and football starts this weekend, so waters will be seeing much less pressure. Keep using successful techniques, and let the fish tell you when to change it up!

The next few days the weather looks like there won’t be much rain (here’s to hoping!) and we should be sticking to the more mild side as far as temperatures are concerned. 

Don’t forget about the September Jigs & Bigs Multispecies tournament! All you need to do to sign up is download the Fishing Chaos app, create an account, and search Jigs and Bigs! You can enter any time! Also be sure to wish Bobby Roast Beef a happy birthday!! Tight lines folks!

Upcoming tourneys

Massachusetts Kayak Bassin

(Kayak only, membership required)

9/1-9/31, State Monthly Challenge

9/16, Thursday Night Throwdown, TBD

9/18, Eastern Div, Walkers Pond/Upper Mill Pond/Lower Mill Pond, Brewster

9/18, Western Div, Lake Garfield, Monterey

Jigs and Bigs

9/1-9/30 September Nationwide Freshwater Multispecies Tourney 

Chronic Trips

10/1-10/31 October Nationwide Freshwater and Saltwater Multispecies Tourney

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