Jigs and Bigs Fishing Report: 10/14/21

Happy Thursday anglers! Brett and I have both hung up our fishing gear, as hunting season is finally here. We will be back on the water when the ice is safe, hopefully with lots of venison to share. The rest of the jig heads have been out doing their thing! 

Tim hit up Congamond this morning where water temperatures were 64 to 66 degrees. He reports that the warm weather continues to hold the bait on the drop offs with the largemouth following the bait balls. Time said top water, fluke, and rattle trap fired along the drops where the bait was roaming produced bass. It’s obvious the bass are fattening up for the colder weather.

Nelson got out once this week and found bass from 1-15 feet of water. He caught them on a chatter bait and weightless soft plastics in the shallow water and with a ned rig in the deeper water. He reports that water temps were in the low 60s. If you’re a trout angler, the stocking trucks have been busy the last couple of weeks. Most trout waters throughout the state have been stocked at this point so get out there and get some dinner.

Ryan got out a couple times this week more for learning his graphs, his new map system, and marking some new structures. He was able to hit South Pond and Quaboag for some fun in the sun. He reported that the fish were biting on the boag but very scarce on South Pond. Ryan was able to get smaller bass on a suspending jerk bait and lost one fish, about 4lbs, when the small jerk bait didn’t stick; the water was about 62-63 degrees. He did get one a giant school of big white perch where every cast was a perch. Ryan said he’s never had that on the boag before! 

As Nelson said, the trout are plentiful right now. South pond was loaded with people trolling. Go get dinner. Tight lines!

Andy fished in Pittsfield on Saturday where water was 63 degrees and there was a slight wind, making it almost perfect for slipping down the shoreline barely having to touch the trolling motor. He was able to land a large number of nibbler smallmouth on ned rig soft baits. Andy reported he tried different lures to target bigger fish, to no avail. Moving around the lake he was able to pick up another stocked rainbow trout and hooked into a good size northern pike that declined his invitation to go boating, but was fortunate enough to convince one of his friends later on. Andy ended the day landing a 12 inch largemouth while waiting for his turn at the boat ramp.

Sunday Andy fished the Otis reservoir where the water was 61 degrees and it was windy. He said he had a good day on soft plastic ned rigs and found almost all of the fish in 8 feet of water. He reported that fishing the edges of weed beds was the way to go and he was able to put a large number of fish in the boat, including a nice 15″ smallmouth and a 19.75″ largemouth. 

Shawn the Fisherman got out to a Central MA pond at the beginning of the week where he junk-fished his way into a couple pickerel, a largemouth, a smallmouth, and a perch. Shawn reports that the water temps were still in the mid-60’s there, and he saw plenty of bait-balls being harassed by larger fish on the graph.

Today Shawn enjoyed Cousin Jon’s triumphant return to the water, and it was up da’ ‘Shires. They each hit ten Bass in under two hours. Cousin Jon mixed largemouth and smallmouth and Shawn only hit greenbacks. Another day where pretty much anything caught fish, but I hit most of mine with crankbaits. Jon had success with various plastics. Water temps at this particular place were at 60 degrees so that “Fall bite” everyone keeps talking about is close. Don’t give up on the fishing just yet, hunters!

I cannot believe here in the hilltowns we are in mid October and haven’t had a frost yet! Doesn’t look like we will see one this week either as the next couple of days look like they are going to be warm, in the low 70’s, and after that low 60’s. 

The Massachusetts trout stocking report is still being updated daily, so don’t forget to check it out! You can find where the trout are being stocked, and which species. 

Have a great week everyone, and as always, TIGHT LINES! 

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