Jigs and Bigs Fishing Report 01/27/22

It has been quite the week on the water! Ice fishing is my absolute favorite outdoor activity and the season is in full swing. 

I was able to get out with the crew this Sunday on a small body of water in the hill towns. We had 10 plus inches of ice and ended up going through all of our bait with most of our action first thing in the morning right after sunrise. The water depths varied from about 6-10 feet and we fished about a foot and a half off the bottom landing a nice variety pickerel, perch, and a couple small bass. Best part about being on the ice was having venison for breakfast. 

Berkshire Brett hasn’t been out yet but knows a lot who have been.  He reports that we are looking at a minimum of 8″ on most places now with some spots having over 10″.  He reminds us to stay on the side of caution on the inlets and outlets of lakes and near oxbows of rivers. These places can hold current under the ice. There is a potential to go from 7-8″ of ice to less than 3″ within a very short distance.

Shawn the Fisherman, Bobby Roast Beef, Deryk, and Shawn’s son fished had the privilege of joining Nelson and his crew to a valley waterbody for some ice shenanigans this weekend.He said that the flags flew steadily all morning, with most of them popping in the early morning.  We were besieged by shiner thieves, and were only able to land a small Pickerel. Shaw also reported that the highlight of the day was the menu, as Nelson and co. always come through on ice jaunts! Great day and looking forward to the next!

Nelson was also excited to have gotten out with his regular crew and Shawn and Bobby this past Sunday on a small pond where they were standing on 8-9 inches of ice. We usually go through several dozen shiners at this pond which is why we always take the kids there. He reported that most of the action comes from small pickerel. He said that although they had enough flags to keep the kids busy, this trip was about quality not quantity. Except, of course, for one of the fish that I caught which was possibly the smallest Pickerel I have ever held in my hand. 

Nelson said that they set up as usual in water 6 to 12 feet deep, using small to medium sized shiners 1 to 1 1/2 feet from the bottom. Just like last week most of the action came from the shallower water where they caught pickerel, perch, crappie, and some really nice quality bass.

Looks like the ice is going to stick around for a while. Get out there and have some fun. Fish on!!

There are quite few ice derbies coming up, and you can view the full thread on the Ice Fishing Massachusetts page!

Good luck out there this week everyone, it’s going to be chilly so stay warm and most important, stay safe! Tight lines! 

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