Wild Woman Spotlight – April 2022

It’s insane to believe that April has officially come to an end. The good news is, that means another Wild Woman spotlight! There is NOTHING I love more than when a new woman reaches out wanting to talk about hunting or fishing. Megan reached out to me on FB about a largemouth I caught this past ice fishing season, after I posted a photo on one of my favorite women’s fishing pages. We talked about ice fishing and we talked about how we are both trying to get more into kayak fishing. I instantly wanted to share her story. 

Megan is another true inspiration for women who are interested in the outdoors. She loves to fish, camp, hunt, and hike, but she also loves a good manicure. I mean come on ladies, who doesn’t?

Megan is honest about how being green and new to something shouldn’t intimidate you from trying something new. These are exactly the words that could encourage someone to step out of their comfort zone. So please, check out her story. But also? Share it! Let’s continue to grow a strong and powerful community of powerhouse women who all share a passion for what grounds us: the outdoors. 

Megan. Thank you for being so willing and eager to participate, and for your heartfelt words. They hit home with me on many different levels, and I am so honored to share them.  

My name is Megan and I live in the very small town of Cornucopia, WI on the south shore of Lake Superior. I work as a registered nurse in surgery at a nearby hospital. I have always loved the outdoors and grew up deer hunting with my dad, but my husband was the one who really brought out my love of fishing.

I love pretty much all things fishing from fly fishing to ice fishing. My favorite is probably being out on the river, whether I’m catching fish or not. It is so beautiful and peaceful just being outside standing in the middle of a river with not a worry in the world (unless I snag my fly).

Mostly I have always fished close to home; on Lake Superior or the Brule River. Over the last year I have really been trying to branch out and experience some new areas. I have started venturing to the driftless area in southern WI which is an amazing area with some of the most beautiful rivers I’ve seen, and am currently planning a trip to southern Montana for the end of May.

When I first started really getting into fishing I definitely felt self-conscious being a woman in the sport. I’m not sure where that feeling came from, maybe just from being new to it, but it did make me shy at first. I realized not too long after, and after a few more trips on the river and to local bait/fly shops, that there was no reason for me to be shy or self-conscious. The majority of the people that I have encountered have been amazing and so helpful! I have found that people who genuinely love fishing and outdoors are very open to sharing tips, tricks, and experiences with fellow outdoors-people.

I don’t think my experiences were necessarily different from others just because I am a woman, but they have been different based on my experience level. I was new to fishing so I asked a lot of questions and did a lot of “winging it”, which I feel is sometimes the best way to do it.

I have had so many amazing moments fishing and being outdoors, by myself and with others that it is so hard to pick a favorite! Some of the highlights are probably bringing my son out fishing for his first few times. Just seeing how excited he was catching his first fish was an amazing experience. My personal highlight would also have to be when I FINALLY caught a beautiful brookie to put on the wall. They are one of my favorite fish, along with smallmouth, and I just so happen to have one tattooed on my arm.

I am hoping to continue traveling and experiencing new areas for fishing and hiking, as I have also recently fallen in love with mountains. I will be branching out into turkey hunting this year which I am super excited for! 

The best advice I would probably give to anyone looking to get into hunting or fishing or just enjoying the outdoors would be to just get out there and start experiencing things; don’t be afraid to go to your local bait shops and start asking questions!

That’s all it takes to find some amazing spots and meet some amazing people who share your passion.  

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