Jigs and Bigs Fishing Report: 06/09/22

Happy rainy Thursday everyone! The Jig Heads have been busy this week, with Tim and Ryan both winning their tournaments! Congrats guys!

I was able to get out in the kayak at my favorite little hilltown pond in for about 2 hours on Saturday morning. I got out later than I wanted to, hitting the water at about 7:30 am, and hooked up with two largemouth back to back with my favorite top water. Initially the water was like glass and temps in the low 70’s. The bass were hitting in shallow water closer to shore. Once the wind started, the bass all seem to stop biting but pickerel were abundant as they always are. I will have a report next week coming from Lake Bomoseen in Castleton VT.

Cousin Jon had a southern adventure last week! He got out for a bank send during their vacation in North Carolina with a buddy. He said that the fish seemed to be up fairly shallow in several places and they were eager to hit creature baits dragging on the bottom.  

Shawn the Fisherman got out for the 4th MAKB Western event in the mighty Chicopee River Saturday, where he reports he struggled to get larger fish to bite in what appeared to be some post-spawn funk. He said there were plenty of small largemouth, smallmouth, crappie, and rock bass that were all over finesse jigs. Remember to tailor presentations to the conditions when you go out!

Jerry got out last Sunday with his uncle for six hours, starting at 6am. He reports that it was an absolutely beautiful morning and they had the whole Berkshire County lake to themselves. He said they started out hitting rock humps with surrounding vegetation and were putting fish in the boat all morning. Jerry said that there were many species including largemouths, crappie,  pickerel along with a bunch of panfish and they were all caught on soft plastics. 

Tim said that he only got out once this week for his club tournament on Congamond where he had a good day, taking home the win out of 23 anglers! He reports that his pattern was soft plastics around docks. I also found a weedy point that produced with weighted soft plastics.   Tim reports that the fish were definitely hiding from the sun in the weeds and in the docks. He reminds us that if we plan on fishing docks and boats, to be respectful of others’ property. Don’t attempt to skip heavy jigs and risk damaging gel coats. And by all means if you happen to get hooked on a dock or boat, please  don’t just yank As hard as you can, make every attempt to gently remove the hook

Nelson only got out once this week and it was for the MAKB Western Division stop #4 on the Chicopee River. He said that with the flat calm conditions I started with some top water lures, but the fish just were not interested. He tried a few more baits including a chatter bait that he caught a pickerel with, which ended up taking the optional Toothy Bastard Lunker pool. 

Nelson reports that the bass were very picky and although he tried several different baits, all they wanted was a weightless soft plastic stick bait in green pumpkin. No other lure shapes or colors worked for me this day. He ended the tournament with over 2 dozen bass caught, most of which were small smallmouth. They fight so hard that it made it a ton of fun. Nelson finished the tournament in 5th place which happened in the last 30 seconds of the tournament when he hooked into his biggest bass of the day at 1:58 with only 2 minutes left. I quickly ( with a struggle of course) got the bass on the board, snapped a picture and submitted it. I was in 7th place at that time  and finished in 5th place. Nelson reports that the pattern on Saturday involved shade, rock, and wood. Anytime I found all three together it was guaranteed a bite. Water temp started at 67 and climbed to 75 by the end of the tournament at 2pm.

Ryan went out on a local body of water last Friday for a local tournament, and he took the win with just one rod on deck. Ryan said that the frog was the key to the success and reports that the fish were up shallow.They were blowing up on a black frog so throw them top water baits! 

Sunday Ryan hit Webster lake for a boat side country concert to see Trace Adkins but he had to get some fishing in! Water temperatures were in the low 70’s. He said he found success on shallow humps throwing and ripping the crank baits. It’s post spawn and fish are hungry.

This weekend is looking like good fishing weather, with temps in the low to mid 70’s and less rain that originally predicted. Get out and fish!! Tight lines everyone!

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