Jigs and Bigs Fishing Report: 06/30/22

And just like that folks here we are, the last day of June. It feels like just yesterday, I was complaining that it was the end of the ice fishing season. Now here we are with the a holiday weekend around the corner!

Nelson is down in North Carolina and after the fish! He says that they have been fishing on the beach with tough conditions, where strong winds and strong currents have made it tough to hook up. Nelson reports that the bait fish aren’t around like they have been in the past years, but they have managed some, which lead to bigger fish. The fishing has been slow, but the ones they have hooked up with have been good ones, landing a couple decent sharks and a stingray. 

We’ve had a bunch of break offs because we’re only using striped bass fishing gear and it’s a blast, but it also means that we break off on some of the bigger hook ups. Tons of fun and frustration all at the same time. Shout out to Zach Nicoll for hooking up with the biggest shark of the week so far, about a 5 footer. We’re going to be working hard to top that one for the rest of the week and if we do, you will hear about it. Stay tuned.

Shawn the Fisherman fished the second Elite Kayak Fishing event at Oneida Lake, near Syracuse, last weekend. He said it was a grind of a day, but he found a decent bag in shallow weed beds and coaxed them to bite weedless, weighted creature baits.  He also managed to get a big pickerel, a bowfin, and a walleye for the Jigs and Bigs tourney. I’ve since made my way down the east coast, and should have some more fun reports from the road!

Jerry’s first stop this week was at a small lake in Franklin county that is drawn down right now for dam maintenance, at least by four feet. He said that the lake has heavy vegetation with  lily pads and  a lot of coontail. Jerry found the fish to be in the lilys, and saw multiple bass chasing bluegill. He caught five largemouth on the edges of heavy cover on weedless neds and neko rigs but said that he had no luck on frogs. The boat ramp is still usable for kayaks and jon boats but probably too shallow for any big boats. He was also out at a Berkshire county reservoir that has dark stained water due to the stumps and trees in the water. Water temperatures were 71-74 degrees and the bass were fighting better. Jerry started out on the water at 5 am, throwing straight black soft plastics and that was the ticket. He had bass hitting  aggressively,  and had him wondering if they weren’t protecting fry as there were schools everywhere. He caught 9 largemouths of fourteen inches plus and had a few break off on wood. If you’re getting out this holiday weekend be safe out there.

Brett was only able to get out once this week where he explored some small, crystal clear, very cold water. Brett reports that his goal was to go find some new territory that he hasn’t fished before. He said he had a few small hits, and managed one beautiful native brookie, his first in a very long time. Brett also fished where this stream dumped into the Housatonic and  got to see this crystal clear spring fed stream dump into this warm stained water. What was even more incredible was the near 10 degree difference between the two. I was in the middle of the river and could feel the temps flip-flopping up and down.

Andy fished the Connecticut River in Brattleboro on Tuesday and reports that it was busy all day in the shallows. The air was 65 and rising to 80 by the end of the day and the  water was 70-74 degrees.  He says that there were plenty of fish caught all day long including sizable sunfish. The biggest largemouth he landed was 17 inches, weighing 2.75 lbs and that fish ambushed a ned rigged soft plastic thrown in under 6″ of water, under a downed tree. Only a few casts later the same lure was hit hard and almost pulled the rod out of Andy’s hand by the very energetic 23 inch pickerel. The rest of the day consisted of a few largemouth and an abundance of smallmouth bass none of any great size. The largest was just about 1.5 lbs. Perfect day to not be at work, but fishing!

Heading into the holiday weekend if you are going out to fish, be safe! The weather looks like we are going to be in the 80s with mostly sunny skies, which means that the bodies of water could be busy with recreational boat and water toy users. If you’re out in the kayak or canoe, don’t forget your PFD and, of course, the sunscreen!

Most importantly, don’t forget to check out the latest episode of the Jigs & Bigs podcast! Shawn the Fisherman and Bobby Roast Beef put on one hell of a show! Check it out on Apple, Spotify, and more! 

Tight lines everyone! 

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