Jigs and Bigs Fishing Report: 08/04/22

Here we are, the first Thursday in August and man is it a hot one. This week we have both saltwater and freshwater insights for you!

Nelson got out on the saltwater this past week in Connecticut for the Three Belles Outfitters Salty Shootout with Shawn the Fisherman, Bobby Roast Beef, Jon Medina, Deryk from 3 Belles, and Dustin Nichols from the 3 Belles National team.

Nelson said that the fishing was okay, and that multi-species was the theme.. It certainly wasn’t lights out fishing but they were biting and you never knew what you were going to hook up with. He landed several fluke (summer flounder), sea robins, scup (porgie), black sea bass, and  some chub mackerel. Nelson said that most of his fish were caught on a jig and teaser rig, very similar to a drop shot rig. The chub mackerel were caught on small shiny metals like a deadly dick or cast master.  Saltwater fishing from a kayak is so much fun but you do have to be careful with the weather, especially the wind. Listen to this week’s Jigs and Bigs podcast to get some tips on how to stay safe and make your trip enjoyable. Good luck out there!!

Shawn the Fisherman also fished Three Belles Outfitters Salty Shootout. He said that the local fluke, scup, sea robins and a solitary schoolie striper all fell to a hand tied high-low rig. Shawn also noted that as long as the baits were bright colors, the fish didn’t seem shy about hitting them. We had a great time on the water with great folks and put on by a great organization. Can’t wait to see what Three Belles has in store for next year!

Closer to home in the freshwater Cousin Jon got out once this week with his buddy Ryan in the kayaks where they fished a new lake they’d never been too. Jon said that saw early action on top water/floating lures followed by a deeper, lipless crank bait bite. Jon noted that natural patterns seemed to be the ticket in mostly clear water. 

Jerry fished on a smaller 100 acre pond  in the Berkshires for only four hours on Saturday morning where the water was 76 degrees and there was clear visibility six to eight feet. He said that this particular pond had a great amount of weeds. Jerry reported that the bass were on fire for an hour or so, until the wind picked up out of the North.  He had success fishing finesse  baits in natural colors, catching a mixed bag of largemouth and smallmouth along with only two pickerel and a bluegill during his short morning outing. 

Tim  was able to get out on the Connecticut River at Barton’s cove for some smallie fishing where he said that he had a little top water action early, but not fast and furious. He said that they found some groups of fish on shallow flats and a soft plastic jerkbait was the ticket; as was a plastic stick worm. We ended the day with 15 smallies and one largie.

Don’t forget to check out this week’s episode of the Jigs & Bigs podcast, you won’t regret it! Stay safe out there folks, and most important, have fun! Tight lines!

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