Jigs and Bigs Fishing Report: 10/13/22

Here we are folks, it’s Thursday once again and that means the weekly fishing report! 

Personally, I haven’t even looked at a fishing pole since my last saltwater excursion since it’s bow season in Vermont. I did spend this past weekend on the mountain enjoying the woods and the colors, but not the tourists. Good luck to everyone that’s looking to fill the freezer this season! 

It’s that time of year when the fishing has slowed down some. The fish are still biting, but they are making our jig heads work harder! 

Jerry only got out once this week with his uncles. He said that he gave them the choice of where they wanted to go and they picked what he recalls Bobby refers to as “Congamond Jr.” I hate it, it’s  always a dink fest. Jerry said that this body of water is in Westfield and although it’s normally very clear on Sunday, visibility was only a few feet. They hit the water at first light, and the water temperature was 56 degrees. Jerry started out with a wacky rigged 4 inch green pumpkin senko first cast caught an eleven inch largemouth. Jerry reported trying a bunch of different baits, crankbaits, and chatterbait but said the pattern of the day was green pumpkin soft plastics on dropshot. He landed seventeen largemouths, twelve on dropshot and five on wacky rig. Only other species were two bluegill on dropshot and one pickerel on white spinnerbait. Hopefully I’m going to get out more next week.

Nelson reports that he only got out once for a couple of chilly hours the morning after the cold front pushed through. He said that he only found one bass and it was on an old concrete bridge piling that had the sun hitting it first thing in the morning. Again, Nelson reminds us to look for structures that will hold the heat of the day including lay downs, wooden docks, rocks/boulders and bridge pilings.

I do have a few fishing trips planned before it gets too cold but my focus is turning to filling the freezer during the upcoming hunting season. Get out there before it gets too cold and good luck if you’re getting in the woods. Be safe out there everyone. 

Tim also got out once to fish a club tournament at candlewood lake in Connecticut. What started out for him as excitement on the drive down in the morning  was soon tempered with engine and electronic issues, and a very slow bite. He ended with 3 largies on a spinnerbait and ned rig, reporting that the water was dingy and almost devoid of weeds.

Mass Fish & Wildlife is still working their fall trout stocking program! You can visit the stocking report here and see exactly where the fish are. Yesterday alone they stocked 6 locations and these fish are great for a meal! With this cold weather, be sure that your safety comes first, and don’t forget your PFD! 

Tight lines folks! 

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