Jigs and Bigs Fishing Report: 04/07/2023

Well I might be a day late, but we have ALL the info! I haven’t been able to get out yet on the water as I have been fully involved in turkey season prep but the jig heads have been on the water! 

Shawn the Fisherman got out Saturday for the MAKB season opener out on the eastern part of the state on a BRUTAL day of weather and fishing. He landed a single bass in 42-44 degree water. The bite picked up a bit on Wednesday, as Shawn fished locally here in Western Mass and landed a dozen small largemouth, a pickerel, and a crappie. This water had warmed up a bit to just under 50 degrees.

Fish are biting the usual suspect lures right now. Jerkbaits, ned-rigged and drop-shotted plastics, and lipless cranks are all drawing action. Get on the water soon, the perch are breeding, and the bass pre-spawn bite will pick up soon!

Ryan reports that this week had its ups and downs starting out on Friday night when he fished from shore and got them on chatter baits! 

The Butcher also fished a 60 boat tournament on a day where the wind was blowing 30-35 mph constantly but he was able to throw together a few to finish 26th outta 60 boats. He reports that the water temperatures were 44-46 degrees depending on what part of the lake you were in. I got my fish on slow moving blades baits.  

Ryan also went out after work Wednesday on a local central mass body of water. He was out there maybe 3.5 hours and caught roughly 40-50 bass along with 10-15 big brown trout. They were loaded up everywhere, casting a jerkbait into 9-11 feet of water at 46 degrees and 2 or 3 jerks and you were on! Such a fun day when you can find schools on bait fish! That’s all for me this week! Hoping to go out tomorrow for some big smallies at a local CT spot on the river. 

Jerry is hoping to have a report for us next week, as the hilltown ponds and lakes are finally starting to open up! 

Nelson didn’t make it out this week, but reports that the shad run has started in the CT river and its tributaries for anyone that likes chasing those great fighting fish. 

Tim got out on the water twice this week, once locally where the water temp was creeping up to the 50-51 degree range. He landed two fish dragging a ned rig on a new BFS combo. Didn’t have it dialed in but it’s a learning curve! Tim also got out Thursday morning Central Mass gearing up and scouting for a tournament on a lake he hasn’t fished before. He managed 3 pickerel on a ned rig and jerkbait and his tag along caught a largie on a swim bait with a weighted belly hook. The water temperature in Central Mass was 51 degrees.

Bobby Roast Beef reports that this week was a grind! He got out a few times, but reports that the ups and downs in the weather have just been making these fish moody. Tuesday he hit three different bodies of water; the first seemed like there was no life at all to be found. The second, he managed to get a thump on an 8″ Magdraft, but nothing after that. It was the third body of water that had the most life he has seen so far. He saw small bass and some bluegills cruising along the shallows in a small cove but the conditions weren’t ideal; a little wind and bluebird skies. He said the next morning was a bit of a different story with there being more wind and a good amount of cloud cover. Fished only one spot and happened to arrive as Mass Wildlife was stocking. I managed to catch one freshly delivered Rainbow Trout. Looking forward to getting out on the kayak soon!!!

Don’t forget that the MA F&W trout stocking program is in full swing! They’re dumping trout daily, and you can click here to review exactly where the fish have been stocked and which types of trout. 

The weekend isn’t looking to be super warm, at least up here in the Hilltowns we are looking at the mid 40’s for Saturday and Sunday, but the sun should be out. If you get out on the water, good luck and tight lines!

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