Mystery Tackle Box: 1

Something I hate to admit, is that I tend to have very boring tackle box contents. Worms, Powerbait, basic hooks, sinkers, and bobbers; a couple older Thomas lures or rooster tails. I have never been good at picking out different tackle for myself. Partly because I don’t really want to pay $7-$10 for a lure (yes I know, I’m cheap) and partly because I don’t really like to change my setup. On one of the Facebook fishing groups I follow, someone posted about these mystery tackle subscriptions. I decided I would try some different ones and write about them. The first one I tried is Warrior Tackle Supply.

The process: Ok so when I first went onto their site I could select whether I wanted a box subscription bundle, or a one time monthly purchase. Everything was straight forward which I personally loved. Next I selected which type(s) of fishing I want to do and then I selected which size box I wanted. I went with the most basic, as I intend to try a few different companies, and the basic will hopefully be a fairly simple comparison. 

Pricing: Their pricing for a one-time basic box was $29.99 however they offered a coupon deal for first-time purchase and I was charged $21.99. It would be less per box had I opted for a 6 month or 12 month subscription. 

Ship Time: I ordered my box on March 30th, it was shipped April 2nd, and delivered April 5th. I was very happy with the timing and their communication regarding my purchase. 

Customer Service: So I have to give their customer service an A+. I had the option to order their hat with my box and declined, however it went through and was charged. I reached out to them via email, and in less than 12 hours was issued a refund for the hat. 

The Contents: I was overall pleased with everything in the tackle box. Not only were there a variety of types of lures and soft baits, but I also received a sticker and a face mask. If I had purchased the lures separately, using average retail price, I would have spent about $33.00, and I would not have the sticker or the mask. It was all packaged very nice and neat in a black and red box with their logos, which I note because I think presentation is important.

About the company – Something that intrigued me about this company, which also prompted me to order from their site was this part of their mission:  “Not only do we try to offer our customers great quality lures, but we also try to raise awareness for our Veterans, First Responders, and their families. We donate to First Responder programs, Veteran support programs and services to help them take the steps that are right for them.” Seeing as I have family members range from active military, veterans, first responders, and nurses I think that this is awesome, and I plan on continuing to support this company in the future. 

I have to give this company an overall great rating. Their mission alone captured my eye, and their customer service exceeded my expectations. I also feel that for the cost of the box, which included the shipping cost, was well worth it. If you want to try out Warrior Tackle Supply’s boxes, you can click here!

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