Mystery Tackle Box: 2

Mystery tackle box number two! This month I decided to try out Karl’s Bait & Tackle Mystery Tackle Box. They are pretty prominent on the search if you just Google “mystery tackle box subscriptions” and they seem to have a pretty good reputation. There were lots of positive reviews on their site and others. Here’s what I thought:

The process: The site made their process very easy, all I had to do once I went to their site was click on the “get started” button. I was instantly brought to a page where I chose between the Regular, Pro, or Elite options. Once I chose, there was a drop down for what kind of fish you are going after and which subscription you want. Everything on their site was straightforward and it was easy to navigate.

Pricing: I selected the basic box, a once a month subscription for $19.99. For the fish I chose bass which covers largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass. They also offer for this tier a 3-month plan for $18.99 per month, a 6-month plan for $17.99 a month, and 12-month plan for $16.99 per month. Their pro series boxes start at $29.99 per month and the Elite start at $39.99 per month. 

Ship Time: I ordered my mystery box on April 12th and received a shipping confirmation the next day. It was absolutely free to get it shipped, and delivery was within an estimated 5-8 business days. I received the box on the 20th. One fun thing that I noticed is that in my shipping confirmation email, they offered a “sneak peak” for the box, if I wanted to see what I was getting. I personally didn’t look because I like the element of surprise but I have to say I like that they offer that feature as an option!

Customer Service: I personally did not deal with anyone in their customer service department, but the communication that I did receive for what I ordered was great. 

Contents (add photos) – They did a good job with the contents in this box, I have to say that I was happy with everything I received, including a catch-co sticker! After looking up retail on all the items, average pricing for all of these items separately would have been about 27.00 so I saved 7 bucks, didn’t have to go to a retail store OR pay for shipping! I felt that the variety was good too for the price. They also included a card with information about the top-water lure that was included with tips on how to use it and where it might server the best use on the water which I think is great! Anyone just learning to fish with the lure would benefit from the information. There’s also a pamphlet in the box with fishing tips and some information about the company. 

About the company –  CatchCo’s Mission is “to create amazing products, content, and shopping experiences for the modern angler. Our approach to commerce and community is one that feeds anglers’ endless appetite for product innovation, experimentation, discovery, learning, nature, and of course…fishing! Our vision is for every angler in America to discover something great, memorable, or unexpected through one of our brands.” I feel like they channel this well with their mystery tackle boxes. Not only did they include information on the products and a pamphlet with fishing tips, but from their site you can reach their numerous resources for anglers both just starting out or with experience. This includes tips, recipes, a blog and more!

I have to say that overall I was pleased with this month’s mystery tackle box. They’re company did a great job of making the process easy and keeping me informed along the way after I placed my order. I was also pleased with the contents. I look forward to sharing another mystery tackle box with you all in June. If you have any recommendations or would like to see a specific brand, just drop me a comment. Happy fishing! 

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