Thanks Mom

I was lucky enough to grow up in a home where both of my parents enjoyed hunting and fishing. They always shared that with my brother and I, taking us every chance they got. A big part about being a mom is helping nurture your children’s passions, supporting what they like to do. I am lucky enough not only to have my mom’s support but also to have her as a mentor and teacher. This thank you is for all the moms out there who support us in what we love to do, written for my mom Stacey. 

Thanks mom, for being one of my very first role models. For the countless amounts of time spent to expose me to these sports that have evolved into the passions I have today. For withstanding our short attention spans when we were young, but having the patience to teach us anyway. For teaching me the importance of ethics. For inspiring me to do what I love always, but only in a way that I can be proud of myself when I look in the mirror. 

Thank you for always looking out for me, even when I didn’t want to listen. For making sure I always had warm boots, dry socks, and gloves. For the countless times you reminded me to grab the sunscreen and the bug spray. For the snacks that were packed for long summer days of fishing. For always carting us around, picking us up and dropping us off. 

Thanks for all the fishing poles, jig sticks, lures, guns, ammo, bows, and everything else that you picked out for us over the years. For the investment in the equipment and the clothes every time something was broken, lost, or had been outgrown.

Thank you mom for always being our photographer, making sure that these special memories were here to stay. For always being so proud of us and sharing the photos and the stories with anyone who would listen. 

Thank you for being so real with me, even when it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. For telling me it’s okay that I missed when I was upset. For the lessons you taught us in patience and perseverance. 

Thank you mom for never forcing me to try new things in hunting and fishing that I was unsure about, but rather helping me to believe in myself to the point where I wanted to be just like you. Confident and fearless. 

Most of all, thank you mom for the endless amounts of encouragement. For teaching me that women can do absolutely anything. Without your guidance and love I would not be the person I am today. Thank you for always inspiring me to be better, to want to learn more, and to want to help teach others. Thank you for all you did for us growing up, and for everything you continue to do.

Much love. Happy Mother’s Day!

One thought on “Thanks Mom

  1. My greatest gift was you and your brother. Im so happy that you want to experience all that nature has to offer us.
    Im so proud of you and all you do. You are a daughter I am proud to call mine.
    Keep up the passion. Love you

    Judy, Aka Mom


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