Jigs and Bigs Fishing Report: 06/03/21

Thursday is here, and so is the weekly fishing report! It’s a lighter report this week, both due to  some crummy weather and the holiday weekend. 

The weather over the holiday weekend really killed my fishing plans. I finally was able to get out on Monday to one of my local hilltown spots. It was cold, damp, and the bite was slow. I caught two small browns on the Thomas buoyant, the only two hits that I had over the course of 4 hours or so. 

Shawn the Fisherman got out only once this week, to the A-1 site in Westborough. He caught 15 Largemouth, 3 over 18 inches. Before the rain started, they were hitting jigs. He said once the rain started, the chatterbait bite took over, and the big ones fell to that.

Brett reported due to the weather he’s been holding off on taking the kayak out, so he was a river rat this week. He put on the waders and put up some small trout in the brooks. He also got some nice browns in the Housatonic. Brett scored 9 trout over the course of two outings on the river, and a couple of little smallies. Among these fish, was his new personal best brown trout on rod and reel! Congrats man! He hit some of the slower sections Wednesday night to try and get some pike, no luck, so I went back to faster water for more trout. Ironically, he caught a pike. All but one of those fish were caught on the same 5′ ultralight setup with a Rooster-tail, including the pike!

Tim reported hitting Congamond three times, once before the front. The water was 71 degrees and he was using weighted soft plastics in 8 to 10 feet of water. Tim went out on Sunday in the cold, wet, rainy weather.  He hit 16 of them on the same thing, weighted soft plastics in 5 to 6 feet of water, spinner bait, and a square bill ned rig. The water temperature went down to 64 degrees. Tim got out again on Tuesday and reported the water temps still at 64 degrees. He did not have as much action on the weighted soft plastics this time, only six fish

Nelson got out on the CT river in the Chicopee section this past weekend. The water was at 60 degrees. He was hoping to find some striped bass on top water lures but they didn’t want to play. He then switched gears and moved around the area and finally found the smallmouth that he’s been looking for the last couple weeks. Nelson reports they were loving a spinnerbait thrown tight to cover. He also got out to a couple small ponds along Rt.9 in Ware before and after work. He had action on soft plastics and even had some really nice blow ups on a frog, but no hookups. Nelson also saw trout feeding on a bug hatch, with some even jumping clear out of the water.

Joe was able to get out with some of the Old Glory Outdoors crew this week and got onto some nice fish. They were throwing a lot of bladed jigs, shakey heads, and keitechs. They had hookups on all of them, including the rainbow by OGO staffer Ryan. The grass sitting in about six feet of water is where they had the most luck. Joe reported that they also saw A LOT of crappie sitting on a ledge that goes from one to fifteen feet. They were striking the baits, but they didn’t downsize to try and hook up. 

Joe also reported that the OGO patrons are getting a lot of good fish from carp to bass, and everything in between. When it comes to bass, the high temperatures coming in the next week are going to have them seeking cover, to get out of the sun. He recommends finding the shade and structure. Joe said that no matter what you’re throwing, cover each and every inch of that shade or structure. Bass are dominant fish, so the bigger fish are going to kick the smaller fish out of the best shade spots. Keep that in mind.

Don’t forget, if you are in the Jigs & Bigs multispecies tournament there are 3 days left! You have until the end of the day on Sunday, June 6th to get in your entries on the Fishing Chaos app. There are currently over 400 entries, so get at it. Tight lines! 

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