Jigs and Bigs Fishing Report: 08/26/21

Happy Thursday! I have been busy gearing up for hunting season, but our jig heads have been busy!

Andy fished Pequot Pond in Westfield on Saturday where water temps were about 80 degrees and clear. He reported catching lots of small fish on ultralight tackle. Andy said the pickerel, largemouth, and panfish were all hitting on perch and shiner patterns. The light tackle with 4 lb. line adds a bit of more fun to the day. 

Shawn the Fisherman  got out as Henri rolled in up da ‘shires for a little pre fishing at the next MAKB Western division trail stop. He fished up until the downpours started, and the weather plus the full moon put the feed bags on every nibbler in the water. He reported that he had success with nearly every technique and color he used, which did not translate to good prefishing, as he narrowed nothing down. Saturday will be like prefishing all over again. This is how the game is played, folks!

Nelson also went out to pre fish for this weekend’s tourney. It didn’t matter the speed, shape, or color; power fishing or finesse fishing, the fish were biting. Most of them were on the small side but I did manage one good one. Nelson reports that this is very often the case when there is a weather system on the way and says if you’ve been having a hard time catching try getting out there just before and/or during the “bad” weather, as long as it is safe to do so. The fish will usually be more aggressive. He said the highlight of my outing was watching a two foot long pike come flying about 2-3 feet out of the water to grab his top water lure. When it landed, I set the hook and the line snapped. Still a great site to witness.

Ryan is still on a great streak of monsters. He had lots of success in the middle of hurricane Henri throwing big baits along with some hot 100 degree slabs in the shallows. This week Ryan said he mainly threw spook, bullshad wake, and ms slammers and for top water. For his soft plastics in the shallows he found success on a Hookset Hoodlum stick bait, rigged up neiko rig, and the real prey swimbait. This last month has been utterly impressive with the fish quality for me. Next up for me is the OGO big boat tourney on Sep. 4th. Swimbaits are getting it done boys and girls!

**Friends! If you get out and fish regularly and would like to be featured as a guest Jig Head email wildwomanblog@gmail.com with any content you’d like to submit by 8 am on Wednesday morning. We’d love to see some fellow fishermen AND women!

If you haven’t yet, check out the latest Jigs and Bigs episode which aired on Tuesday! Keep fishing everyone, and tight lines! 

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