Wild Woman Spotlight – August

Meet Rocky Kent, a Litigation Paralegal from Colorado with pure, raw passion for the outdoors.

The first time I saw her name was with this post on Facebook in one of my favorite groups:  I went on my first hunt this past weekend, hog hunting! And it WAS AMAZING! I was the only female at the camp, and the only person with a crossbow and the bets were placed and stacked against me (by all the guys) that NOT only was I not going to take a hog, but I wasn’t taking it with a bow. I took down that hog at 30 yards, without hesitation and only had to track him for 50 yards before finding him after. It was a perfect day, perfect hunt, and I look forward to many more successful hunts. Rocky said more when I asked about a story that was one of her highlights in her time spent hunting. I came back with a hog and one guy (who didn’t hunt) said you should rub it in, I said no, the fact I got it was good enough, they knew then I was a huntress and no words needed to be said, lol. It was a good day for sure. 

When I reached out to her to ask if she wanted to participate, she was more than willing. I am so excited to share her story and her passion with you all. She is an absolutely amazing, inspiring, and beautiful woman with an even more inspiring message. Thank you Rocky for sharing! I hope more women will be inspired by you, the way I am. 

When asked about how she got into hunting and fishing, Rocky said it was always around, but it wasn’t until a few years ago she really got into it. I’ve been exposed to hunting and fishing most of my life. But after my mom died, I just didn’t do it much anymore, except a little fishing. When I went to live with my uncle, he hunted so I would help him with game cleaning but I didn’t go out hunting with him. It was usually just the “guys” and as a teenager, I didn’t care as much or it could have been the circumstances as to why I didn’t want to go, who knows. My family all used to hunt, but it wasn’t until my husband bought me my first crossbow a few years ago it seemed to spark that old interest. I started practicing more and reading and watching hunting shows, started fishing more with my son until we moved to CO and the possibilities of hunting/fishing opened up even more.

Rocky said that she hunts both in her home state as well as others, and that although she would like to harvest a pronghorn, elk, bear and other animals, she doesn’t have any concrete grand plans. I just like being outdoors. I don’t feel the need to travel abroad for hunting, unless I get an invite. l can find most everything I need here stateside, although I might go to Alaska for a hunt which looks pretty amazing. I intend on getting horses and possibly doing hunting trips via horseback, very primitive, and I love it.

When asked about her inspiration and influence, she spoke of her mom. She was very outdoorsy and loved to hunt and fish. She also spoke highly of her husband and what she has learned from him. My husband is an excellent hunter and tracker, so I learn a lot from him. 

Her favorite weapon are her bows, and she loves to boar hunt. My crossbow and compound bow are my favorite. I feel it takes a little more skill and patience to use these tools. You have to get close to the animal, not like a gun. I feel more in tune to myself, my senses and nature. There is something wild about it, boar hunting. They are aggressive but I like the stalk of that particular hunt. Plus my mom liked boar hunting, so it’s something we share and I can remember her when I am out there. 

Rocky is truly an inspiration in more ways than one. She reads, writes and does photography in her spare time. I am currently learning how to do Skull Art. I like to try new things – an empowered mind is a strong mind. 

Rocky also is passing down her knowledge and skills to her son. Knowing that my son loves to fish and is interested in hunting, makes me more passionate about the sport. It’s something that my mom and I shared and now I can pass it on to him. I may not have any daughters to have that “mother-daughter” bond but I know one day my son and I will do a hunt of a lifetime and I am looking forward to that.

Rocky has an outstanding outlook on being a woman in what seems to so often be male-dominated sport, to just be yourself and ignore the chatter from the outside. There is no difference, except for our clothing. It’s so damn expensive…but hunting and fishing are just that; it doesn’t care if you are a man or woman and not to be rude about it, but if women keep thinking that it’s different for them because they are women, then they need to rethink how they approach hunting/fishing. For me, the world disappears around me when I am out there…it’s just you and nature, I don’t care if there are men out there, it’s not a competition with them, it’s a competition against yourself and nature, if that makes sense? Sure some men are rude, but why would I let that stop me from doing what I like? Women and men can both destroy a good time, in my opinion. When you bring the worries of sexism into it, then you will struggle, but I take that approach in most of what I do. We all have something to bring to the table, it’s the individual person that either is a jerk about it or not. I know some women and men who I would NOT hunt or fish with – I prefer the company of a knowledgeable hunter, whether it’s a man or a woman.

Her message is simple, and yet so important: Try. If it interests you, try it. Don’t let a man or woman tell you you can’t, because you probably can. I will advise that the struggle is real when trying to find clothing, (lol) so search around and find what “fits” you best. Try it. Go try a bow or a gun at a range…you will never know if you like it or wake something up in yourself. It may not even lead to actual hunting but to something else you didn’t know existed.  

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