Jigs and Bigs Fishing Report: 09/30/21

I cannot believe that it’s the last day of September; it feels like I was just planning for my long Memorial Day weekend. I have still been preoccupied with getting ready for deer and pheasant season, but I am hoping to get out on my way home a bit over the next week and fish. The Jig Heads have been at it again this week! 

Andy didn’t get much fishing done this weekend, but he did get out on the docks at Otis for an hour after work, which is more than I can say for myself! He was able to catch a respectable sunfish and a nibbler smallmouth in that time. Enough to call it a success for the day!

Ryan got out a few times this week mostly to learn his new boat. He was able to hit the boag and nail some largemouth on chatter baits with the water temperature being 69 degrees. The following day Ryan was able to spend some time out on Big Alum. He reported that the winds were blowing about 20 mph and he was locked on some pretty big rock piles sitting in about 26-29 feet of water. Ryan said there was really nothing of great size, but the smallies were nailing the drop shot and the largemouth were liking the deep diving cranks. This showed me they were starting to be on the move. Congrats to you Ryan on the new boat, it’s a beauty!

Shawn the Fisherman managed to make one trip out for a night fishing jaunt with Nelson and Bobby Roastbeef. Nelson hit a big bass and a few smaller ones and Shawn managed a couple 12-14 inch fish on the slow, still night. He said that the usual suspect techniques worked: weightless/weedless plastic stickbaits, bladed jigs, swim jigs, and spinnerbaits with Colorado blades all drew strikes. Shawn sas that the water temps are still about 10-15 degrees away from “fall” temps, so get out and fish!

Tim was able to get out for a few hours on Congamond where the water temperature is still at 70 degrees, but should be dropping quickly with these colder nights coming. He fished the main lake humps and was able to entice a few bass with drop shot and Carolina rig.  Tim also reported that as per his norm, he was keeping my eyes out for baitfish action on top. It paid off as I fired a soft jerk bait towards a bait ball and got slammed by a nice 3 pound bass as well as two catfish on a stop shot and a soft jerkbait.

Nelson got out a few times this week. The first time out was at night with Shawn the Fisherman and Bobby Roastbeef. Nelson was able to catch several bass including a 20.75 inch 5 pound 11oz beauty. He said that most of his fish were caught on a weightless soft plastic stick bait. He also caught a few smaller ones on a single Colorado blade spinnerbait. 

Nelson’s next outing was on two different ponds for only a couple hours on each. He was hoping to add points to the Jigs and Bigs multi species tournament but reports that did not happen. He hit Lake Wickaboag and South Pond in the Brookfields. Nelson had been looking to catch trout, crappie, and smallmouth bass but all he found were several largemouth bass. He caught them up shallow with weightless soft plastics all the way down to 15 feet of water on deep diving crank baits and ned rigs. They ranged in size from 6 to 16 inches. He reported the water temperature at all ponds was 67-70 degrees.

Brett got out a few times trying to claw his way back up the Jigs and Bigs multi species ladder. He got out from shore a few times, landing a couple small brown trout and smallies in the river. Brett said there was nothing outside of the normal there and that the browns are definitely moving. He has also been watching his local side streams and has been counting a few more fish in the pools. 

Brett then decided to hit an MAKB black site, Lake Garfield, with his father on Sunday. Between the two of them they landed 5 pickerel, one perch, and one rock bass over the course of 5 hours. There was also a small flotilla of big boats out there for some sort of tournament, about 7 or 8 of them all together. And according to them only 1 PERSON LANDED A BASS! 

Brett DID manage a decent pike on the Housatonic and a few bass, all on a giant Mepps spinner. He said he did have one VERY large pike turn away at the boat; If it wasn’t 36 inches it wasn’t anything because I had a 27″+ less than 15 minutes prior.  

For anyone interested in some fresh trout, YUM, Massachusetts fall trout stocking is underway! You can check the stocking report here, which is updated daily with both the list of locations that have been stocked, and which species of trout. 

The upcoming week looks like it’s going to be a bit chillier – especially at night, with the temps estimated to go down to the low 40’s. Early next week is looking like there could be some rain also.

Have a great start to your October everyone, and as always Tight Lines!

Tournament Information

Chronic Trips

10/1-10/31 October Nationwide Freshwater and Saltwater Multispecies Tourney

10/23 – MAKB Championship 

 *Invite only

10/30 – MAKB Catch ‘em All Fall Brawl 

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