Wild Woman Spotlight – February

This month’s Wild Woman Spotlight is all about fishing, and I could not be more excited to share her story!

Meet Emilee, she lives in Northwestern Iowa and has been fishing for about 11 years. She says it herself, she’s addicted to fishing! 

Emilee, thank you for being so willing to share your story with us. Check out her journey, and look at all her awesome catches!

I began fishing with my boyfriend and his friend. Soon, the boyfriend was gone, but the fishing stayed, haha! I started off mostly fishing for Walleye out of our local river.  Every once in a while, I’d hook a catfish or northern, but walleye was always the goal! I became addicted! So much so that I started working at one of our local bait shops! This helped me expand my fishing knowledge to include panfishing, catfishing, and ice fishing. My love and passion for the sport continued and deepened.

The bait shop got new owners along with new employees, and my career took a shift.  Thankfully, my new job at our local grocery store has left me with plenty of time to fish! 

I can honestly say I don’t have a favorite to fish for ~ I love fishing for them all!! The tug is my drug! 

I still fish with my 2 mentors, Joe and Bill, identical twins from my area. They have been impressed with how far I’ve come! 

In this male dominated sport, I’ve always relished in moments when men are asking how I caught my fish or what I was using.  I also have had moments working the bait shop when I direct men to what is working to catch, and they either ignore me or don’t listen to me! Eventually, they learn that I do know what I’m talking about and that they should take my advice! It’s definitely an uphill struggle getting men to take you seriously in this sport, but I’ve learned that I can back up what I’m talking about! 

My best advice to female anglers wanting to learn is to go to your local bait shop! Hang out with the ol timers and listen to what they’re saying. I also encourage you to join a local fishing club! It’s a great way to learn and be a part of tourneys, kids’ events, and getting others into fishing. 

Well, that’s all for me, ladies! Wishing you tight lines and sunny skies! 

-Emilee Buchholz

7 thoughts on “Wild Woman Spotlight – February

  1. As always- you’re amazing Em! I have the best memories cleaning fish and becoming friends! Miss you much lady! Once I figure out this South Dakota fishing- you’ll have to make a trip! Way to go!


  2. Emilee, I LOVE your spirit! I am so proud of you for finding and DOING what you love! You made me remember ice fishing (with an ex but loving it!) and fishing with my gramps.


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