Jigs & Bigs Fishing Report: 03/31/22

Happy Spring!!

As much fun as we all had ice fishing this winter, the Jig Heads are ready for some open water fishing! I personally haven’t been out yet but I know that the MA F&W stocking program is in full swing and the ice is almost completely gone up here in the Hilltowns. 

Shawn and Nelson were both out this week in preparation for MAKB and although they didn’t report and fish on their outings, the water temps were 38-40 degrees. The MAKB will kick off their events this weekend for the Western Division on Saturday, so we will have more from these guys next week!

Berkshire Brett has been doing some bank fishing here and there with the luck of a few small browns. We’ve finally lost all of the ice. Except for the rocks and trees this week from that bitter cold and 30mph winds. Brett also reports that the trout stocking is in swing out in the Shires. The lakes that I know of so far are Richmond Pond, Stockbridge bowl, and Laurel Lake. All of those have been Rainbows. I recommend small streamers and spoons right now for the trout.

Bobby RB has reported hitting the banks over the course of the past couple of weeks. The colder temps this week have really made me have to work for a bite. He said that smaller jerk baits, and a compact swim jig have been what’s been working. 

Ryan has had an amazing month of open water fishing. He said that a few central mass lakes are really putting out some nice fish. I have been in full bore tournament prep mode, and really pushing myself. I have been finding a lot of my fish suspended in about 12-14 ft of water and using my electronics to locate them. Yesterday he reported that he loaded up early and did a full day practice tournament to see if I could put the patterns together and get a good bag in the allotted time. He said that he has had multiple big fish this month: one 6lb, four 5’s and some 4’s. 

Yesterday’s bag brought him: 6.2, 4.10, 4.6, 3.11, and 3.8 for a total central mass weight of 21.8lbs! Absolutely killer day for 33 degree air temp and 40.3 water temp! Ryan said that he has been able to locate fish on jerks, cranks, under spins, drop shots and a few blade baits.

If you are interested in tracking the Mass F&W stocking program, you can view their page here where they list where they are stocking as well as what type of trout. The weather this coming weekend is looking like here in Western MA we are going to be hovering in the mid to upper 40s but there WILL be some sun on Saturday. Central MA is looking to be a little warmer, but not a lot, in the low to mid 50’s.

I hope everyone has a great week. Tight lines everyone and, most importantly, stay safe! 

Cheers to the 2022 open water fishing season! 

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