Jigs and Bigs Fishing Report: 04/14/22

It’s been another week full of fishing for the jig heads. Water temperatures are finally starting to increase, which means the bite is starting to improve! Unfortunately I have yet to get out, but will be out on Saturday with some family kiddos in hopes of catching some trout!

Berkshire Brett reports that the trout bite is hot, and not just the stocked fish! He has had quite a bit of action this week, but with the river being a bit high due to rain he was unsuccessful in landing many fish. He reports only managing one on Sunday after missing several bites. Brett said that small inline spinners were working well. He said he has also heard from two sources that trolling with streamers on the lakes have also been producing quite well

Tim was able to get out for the first two times of the season this week. The first time was Saturday for a little pre-fishing  out in the Brimfield area where the water temperature was 47 degrees. He said he managed two bass on moving baits, before he was chased off water by nasty thunderstorms with hail. Tim hit Congamond yesterday where water temperatures were 49-51 degrees. He said the trout bite was on, but the problem was he  was searching for bass. Just the one trout on ned rig.

Shawn the Fisherman Hit the opener from the Three Belles Outfitters this past weekend down in southern Connecticut.  He said that the weather was a major factor during the event, with 3 separate monsoon-like downpours. 

He said he only hit 1 Largemouth (luckily, held on for lunker), a dozen pickerel, 2 yellow perch, and a solo crappie. Shawn said that everything hit on reflective lures with blue highlights and that it was probably due to the Alewife population there.Seemed like the fish were starting to shake off winter, and with the higher temps this week, the bite is sure to improve!

Nelson  also headed down to CT for the Three Belles Outfitters tournament series stop #1. This was at a pond he had never fished before but after a little map study he had picked out some areas to check out. Nelson said that spot #1, although it had plenty of structure in the form of lay downs and even some submerged trees, the fish just weren’t biting in that area. The water temperature was just under 50 degrees. 

Nelson’s second spot was a small shallow river that came into the lake. As he made his way into the river the water temp started to rise and it was 53 degrees in this area, which is where he found the biting fish. In just over 45 minutes Nelson caught 5 bass, all of them in less than a foot of water which all hit a weightless, weedless creature bait. I stayed in that area for another hour with only a couple more bites but I missed the hook set. Those 5 bass were enough to put me in first place and I ended up taking the win on this one.

Nelson also reported that the weather conditions were really tough and it had the bass in most of the lake tight-lipped and said that, as a result, most of the other anglers only caught one bass; or no bass at all. I was lucky enough to find the warmest water in the lake and that’s where the fish were. This is a very common strategy for spring time fishing. Find the warmest water on the body of water and you will most likely find the fish.

Nelson also mentioned that he has been seeing plenty of trout anglers at a few of the stocked lakes and ponds that he drives by. Most places have been stocked twice or more so get out there and have some fun! You can view the Mass stocking report for trout here, where they list exactly where they have stocked as well as with which species! 

If you’ve been waiting to catch some shad from the CT, Chicopee, or Westfield rivers, your wait is over. There are shad being caught with some females already in the mix. It’s only going to get better for the next few weeks. Get out there and get on some of these hard fighting fish. They’re a blast on light gear. Spring is definitely here and as the water temps rise so will the fish activity. 

The weather is looking like it’s going to cooperate for the majority of the weekend, so hopefully everyone can get out and fish! Be safe out there, and most important – have fun! Tight lines! 

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