Jigs and Bigs Fishing Report: 04/07/22

This week has had the weather all over the place, and although the bite hasn’t been super consistent it’s still there! 

Here in the Hilltowns one of our favorite small ponds was stocked and my brother managed to catch 2 rainbows off the bottom with some pink powerbait. He and our cousin also tried their luck bank fishing on the CT River where dace and a few small suckers were all they caught. 

Shawn the Fisherman fished the MAKB Western Division opener this past weekend at a Central MA water body. He reports that the fish were active and biting aggressively for 42-45 degree water. Bladed jigs and lipless crankbaits enticed a dozen largemouth and half a dozen pickerel to hit.  He said the fish numbers were high for the event, showing that the fish are hungry after a long winter.

Shawn also visited a small, shallow waterbody in Western Mass this week. Unfortunately, the fish there weren’t buying what I was selling, despite water temps in the low 50s. Some places will have fish biting, some won’t. Don’t limit yourselves to one place this time of year, and you’ll find fish.

Ryan hit four different lakes this week and has had success at every single one of these bodies of water. He said, as Shawn mentioned, bladed jigs, and crankbaits were getting it done with the fish that he found suspended. For the bottom dwelling fish he was marking he was able to get them  to bite a shaky head and blade baits. Ryan said that the water temps were anywhere from 46 degrees up to one lake having a high of 52.  Yesterday, he fished a deep body of water and was able to drop shot some fish out of a 28-31ft rock pile. Fish are very aggressive this spring and are on the move. First tournament is Sunday! Tight lines everyone

As the temps go up you can expect the bass to start moving to shallower water but don’t be afraid to look for them in deeper water. Looks like we’re going to be getting some warm temps next week so the fishing is only going to get better.  If trout is your target, most trout waters have been stocked at least once this season. Get out there and get some dinner. Good luck out there everyone and be safe! FISH ON!!!

Although we have some rain in the forecast for the next couple of days, the temperatures are on the rise! Hopefully that means that the bite will improve. I have seen a lot of people posting pictures of stocked trout, as the MA F&W stocking program is in full swing. You can track exactly where they are stocking on their Ma.gov page. Good luck out there everyone, get out and fish!

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