Wild Woman Spotlight – August 2022

Back in May I was gearing up to go out on a fishing trip out of Boston in search of Striped Bass. We had booked the trip well in advance through a women’s outdoors group, and there were 4 of us slotted to go. Last minute, someone was unable to go due to COVID and we desperately wanted to fill their spot. It just so happened that I had connected with Kandi on Facebook back in April when we were talking turkey hunting, so in our search to fill the spot I messaged her to see if she wanted to come with us on the fishing trip. 2 days before the trip, and she agreed to come! 

Since then Kandi and I have become fast friends and she has come to visit me in the Western part of the state to do somse bass fishing. We got rained on pretty good, but it didn’t stop us! Although we only caught 3 little fish, we loved getting out fishing together – let’s face it it’s always great when you find another woman who has the same passion that you do for the outdoors. Saturday morning we are embarking on our first ever goose hunt!

Kandi lives in Lynn, MA and is the Chief Operator at the South Essex Sewerage District in Salem, Massachusetts, as well as a mom of 3. You can follow her on Instagram too! I hope that you will read and share her story in an effort to continue to help build this network of powerhouse women who love the outdoors, and have hearts of gold. 

I got my love for fishing from my dad Peter Prentiss and Godfather Bob Crooker.  We used to go out on my Godfather’s boat in Boston Harbor and fish for Haddock and Flounder.  We used these double wooden drop lines.  He also had lobster traps we used to pull up and they would put the lobsters on the floor of the boat before corralling them into the hold. I loved those days.  

As for hunting, my dad introduced me to archery when I was about 6 years old.  He got me my first bow and arrow with the suction cups.  I remember I was at my grandparents house in Indiana practicing against the side of the barn.  My dad had a recurve bow he would let me target practice with too.

It wouldn’t be until I met my husband in 2002 that I learned about firearms and hunting.  I have been hunting for about 4 years now. I have not harvested anything yet and I am okay with that! I currently hunt deer and turkey and I am super excited to go on my first goose hunt on Sept. 3rd!!  I would love to try bear and moose hunting too!  I have not been out on my own yet but I am determined to do that soon, as my skill set grows.

To date I have only hunted in Massachusetts.  This year will be my first year going out of state.  I am going to Missouri with my ADC (American Daughters of Conservation) ladies for an archery rut hunt in October/November.  I am nervous and excited at the same time.  The group of ladies that I have met through ADC have been amazing.  So supportive and love helping and encouraging other women to go out and try new things.  Such as scalloping, catfish noodling, alligator hunting, hog hunting.  I can’t wait to branch out!!!

I do not have a lot of spare time, as my son plays football.  That’s where I can be found in most of my spare time.  When I do have the time I love to hike. I recently hiked up to Lonesome Lake in NH, which from the Basin is a 5.4 mile hike.  My dad used to work for AMC and would restock the hut at Lonesome Lake.  He passed away in May 2021 and I hiked it for him.  I also love to read and to scrapbook.  When the kids are older I will be able to do more of what I love.  Until then I enjoy my time with them.

For those starting out who do not really know where to start or are hesitant for any reason,  go to the library and start reading books on hunting and fishing.  Go online and look up your state’s Fish and Game rules and regulations. They are a very good resource for information, not only for regulations and seasons but they will advertise if the state offers hunter’s ed classes, LTC classes, and other educational programs. There is also an excellent program called “Becoming an Outdoors Woman.”  Most fish and game clubs have members who love to help others, so don’t hesitate to join and ask lots of questions.  You can join Facebook hunting groups or simply Google general hunting and fishing questions.  

I would also be glad to help you out any way I can, feel free to message me!  There are many women and groups, such as ADC that would love to help and you don’t know until you try!  I was so against firearms and hunting growing up because I didn’t know enough about either of them and  I think because I didn’t know I was afraid of them, like so many people.  I decided I would learn more and teach my children about firearm safety as well as hunting.  Myself and my three kids have all gone through the Hunters Safety Course and Firearms Safety course and now we are all comfortable around firearms.  I took classes on hunting and I feel confident about going out into the woods and scouting.  I am still learning more and more each time I go out there, and I think that is the best part!

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