Wild Woman Spotlight – August 2022

Back in May I was gearing up to go out on a fishing trip out of Boston in search of Striped Bass. We had booked the trip well in advance through a women’s outdoors group, and there were 4 of us slotted to go. Last minute, someone was unable to go due to COVID andContinue reading “Wild Woman Spotlight – August 2022”

Everyone Needs a Cheefu

When I was young I couldn’t pronounce Christopher, so my cousin become Cheefu. To this day, that’s his contact name in my phone.  A few weeks ago I did something I rarely EVER do, I upgraded some gear with a “new to me” bow. I had been shooting the same bow since I was 16Continue reading “Everyone Needs a Cheefu”

No Turkey? No Problem.

It’s been a while since I have had time to sit down and really write something from the heart, especially as it pertains to hunting and fishing. Last weekend I was sitting by a fire on Lake Bomoseen in Castleton Vermont and I got to reflecting on my turkey season. Funny, if someone asked meContinue reading “No Turkey? No Problem.”

Wild Woman Spotlight – March 2022

Meet Jade. She lives in Quebec and is a Victims Services Coordinator. She is a big microbrewery fan. She also loves to travel around the world and taste different kinds of beer. Hail to Porter, Stout and Brown Ale !  I came across Jade’s profile when she submitted a photo for one of my favoriteContinue reading “Wild Woman Spotlight – March 2022”


There’s always some sort of level of surprise when I meet someone for the first time and they find out that I love to hunt and fish. Most recently, I met some new people through my dad and after chit chatting for a while one of them made a comment about how he had seenContinue reading “Why?”

Leave it in the Woods

I think that women are often criticized for making things too emotional. In these male-dominated sports tho, I think we try to hide or mask our emotions. I know I do. We are so afraid of not looking “tough enough” or “capable enough” but I think this hinders us more than it helps. We areContinue reading “Leave it in the Woods”

The Pressure

I stopped in the middle of the trail as the last bit of daylight hung in the air. The darkness seemed to roll in faster now that I had noticed its looming presence. I stopped in the middle of the trail and tried to hold back the tears. For over two weeks I had beenContinue reading “The Pressure”

Wild Woman Spotlight – October

Heather Hazelbaker added a new member post on one of my favorite female hunting pages back in August, along with some gorgeous pictures. Tara, who was featured in last month’s WWS, tagged me and said “we definitely need to read that, woman!” I absolutely LOVE that this network of women who share these passions isContinue reading “Wild Woman Spotlight – October”

Get Out of the Bubble

It’s no secret that I dislike change, but if you’ve been following my posts you may remember that I have been trying to break out of my comfort zone over the last few months, despite my ever growing list of “what ifs” and fears. I had been planning on spending the long weekend Way UpContinue reading “Get Out of the Bubble”

Wild Woman Spotlight – September

It was April when I reached out to Tara to see if she would be interested in participating in my spotlight post. She had posted on one of the women’s fishing pages about how fishing had saved her life by keeping her active and by giving her some new perspectives in life.  When I reachedContinue reading “Wild Woman Spotlight – September”