Jigs and Bigs Fishing Report: 04.20.23

Happy Thursday! It’s been a week with a shock to the system of chilly mornings after a weekend of beautiful, hot weather. The JigHeads have been busy! 

Nelson got out a few times this week for a couple hours at a time, on different lakes and said that the shallow bite was on. Water temperatures ranged from 57 to 69 degrees at another. He reports finding multiple species from 6 inches to 8 feet deep with the most productive being in the 3-4 foot range. Most of his action came on weightless soft plastics but Nelson said that he also caught some on a ned rig and drop shot. The fishing is getting really good now with the warmer temperatures. Get out there and get them but please be careful as some water temps are still low.

Ryan the Butcher went out to a tournament on Quinsig where he got a limit of squeakers. I caught prolly 50 fish that were between 11-12.25 inches I’ve never had my measuring board out more in my life! 

After that Ryan hit a local body of water and absolutely put on a beat down! The Butcher caught smallies on beds, and largies cruising the shallows reporting that the water temperature was 64 degrees. He said a little wind and had them busting on bait at the shore and he caught over 100 fish in a 7 hour trip all on dropshot baits , ned rigs, and spinners! 

Last for the week Ryan went back to the Ct river where he says this time of the year is his favorite time to fish it. The number of smallies over 3.5 lbs and mixed in were the stripers who are now migrating north to spawn and chase bait up the rivers. Jerkbait was still in my hand non stop! 

As we speak my wife is 2cm dilated so the Butcher may be preoccupied in the near future but I’m excited!

Tim was out a couple times this week on a local pond, and reports that the fluctuation in weather and temperatures has produced an up and down in water temperature, having seen water temperatures between 59 and 65 this week on the same body of water. The spawn is beginning to happen but it’s not full on spawn yet as some fish that have spawned out, and there are other fish that are moving up to spawn.  The typical spring baits, jerk baits, spinner baits, and especially ned rigs have been producing the majority of his fish. I did end up sticking my hand with a hook so when you’re out there trying to clean up a line that’s left over in the tree branches, make sure you look for hooks in that line as well otherwise it can happen to you. Please do your best to clean up your line. It’s a danger to the environment, birds, turtles, people etc.

Shawn the Fisherman fished two tourneys this weekend from the center of the state and east. He said that the water was quickly warmed by the early heatwave we had, and there was evidence of bass prepping beds. Shawn also reports that the largemouth and smallmouth both were shallow and feeding up for the spawn. He recommends looking for weeds or dark substrate areas that will warm up quickly in the morning, and then be patient! The Western part of the state will catch up soon. Tight lines!

Jerry was able to fish a few different ponds and lakes this week starting out at Cheshire Reservoir where he found the water had warmed up as high as 54 degrees. Jerry caught five bluegill, three perch, a crappie, and one bass. On his next outing he fished a smaller, clear water pond in Berkshire county with visibility at 8 feet during the afternoon catching three bass:  two smallmouth and one largemouth.  At this pond, water temperatures ranged from 52-55 degrees. 

Saturday Jerry fished the MAKB central division tournament on Webster Lake where he saw water temperatures hit 61 degrees. He caught a mixed bag of smallmouth and largemouth along  with a few pickerel and trou. He says that the fish have certainly started moving shallow and his bait of the day was a ned rig. Just a reminder to all the kayakers to wear your PFD’S! I saw many people out on the water without them but the state law is to wear them September 15 – MAY 15th.

Don’t forget to check out the MA state trout stocking report here! Keep tabs on where the fish are being stocked on a daily basis! The weekend looks like it’s going to be cloudy and on Sunday, a bit rainy. Good luck out there if you get out on the water folks. As always, tight lines! 

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