Jigs and Bigs Fishing Report: 4.27.23

Happy Thursday! The fishing report is a great one this week, so let’s dive on in!

I have personally been fully wrapped up with turkey season, but one of my besties Vikki came down from NY and Monday after we tried like hell to bag a bird, we headed to one of my favorite local spots – Ashfield Lake. This was my first open water outing of the season and it did not disappoint! The state had stocked the Thursday before and we landed some really beautiful rainbows. They wanted nothing to do with most tactics, but we found success with the Thomas Buyont.

Nelson was able to fish a couple times this week, once in the valley and once for the MAKB Western Division event #1, The Lucky 7 Roadrunner. He reported that both lakes had water temperatures in the high 50’s. Nelson said that he caught most of his fish,  bass and pickerel, in very shallow water with some kind of structure; docks and lay downs were the most productive. His most productive bait was the NED rig followed by the drop shot that he caught a few bass and pickerel in deeper water. He says that almost all the bass he caught had big bellies and looked like they were ready to pop. Bass are moving up and getting ready for the spawn. Some may even be on beds already in ponds that warm up sooner. Get out there and get em. This is best time of the year to catch a PB. Good luck and be safe!!

Bobby Roastbeef managed to get out a couple times since the last report. His first trip out was reported as “meh” at best, with a couple of bites in and near the newly growing grass but yielded ZERO commitment from any fish. Seemed like the only things getting attention from me were more subtle presentations like finesse swimbaits or swim jigs. 

Monday, Mister Roasbeef sent the old ‘Green Goblin’ for another session where Bobby said he wanted to try a change up in his swim jig presentation (Listen to Jigs and Bigs bait of the week to find out what), and it paid off… “bigly“.  Since he had a limited amount of time, he decided to start at one point and work his way methodically along the bank. Bobby said that this particular pond has no shortage of juicy lay downs and other submerged timber, so he focused his efforts there and efficiently worked his way along the bank. Bobby managed a 19.25” largemouth who was tight to a fallen tree that happened to be near a nice drop off and the bite was what he could only describe as ferocious. He continued and made his way further down the bank following his game plan and looking to see if this was a fluke or it was a pattern. Within 15-20 minutes, a feisty 17.5″ LMB certified that I had something going! Unfortunately, I got a call with some news that put a quick stop to my day and I had to make my way back to the ramp a bit earlier that I was hoping. 

Shawn the Fisherman got out twice this week both in Central Massachusetts. He reports that the bigger fish were feeding heavily in a typical pre-spawn pattern after the atypical mini heatwave a couple weeks ago and said that b ass jigs and bladed jigs drew all his strikes at both water bodies.

Shawn says that the temperature rise has generally stalled in the mid-to-high 50s from Worcester and west, creating the perfect pre-spawn temperatures and conditions. He also added that with no extreme heat on the horizon, the bass may be delaying bedding. Get some lines wet this week to take a shot at your heaviest bass of the year. And remember to get those chonks back in the water quickly! Don’t want to stress them out!

Tim has been out at the local lake three times this week. The first time was for the Ray Reardon Scholarship Tournament last Sunday in a continuous downpour. They had a limit, but it wasn’t a big limit. Tim reports that they caught fish all day and most of the fish caught were in the transition 5 to 10 foot water depth and landed with a ned rig. 

TIm says that the next two times he went out the same pattern was working; dragging the ned rig and a Texas rig soft plastic. He mentioned that the water temperatures have been consistently bouncing between 60- 63 degrees. He also added that these cool nights still have the fish a little confused, but they are starting to find the energy to do their dances. I have not been having any luck with moving baits, it seems to me that the fish aren’t chasing anything I’m throwing, they want a slow presentation.

Jerry spent some time this past week pan fishing for the Chronic Trips Multi-Species Tournament.  He reports that the bluegills are just a fun time, on lite tackle.  Jerry landed forty two gills, 37 yellow perch, and a handful of rock bass. 

Last Saturday was MAKB West’s first tournament of the season and Jerry fished Sugden Reservoir in Spencer and reports that took all day to muster up a limit as he couldn’t seem to get a bite on moving baits. The ned rig and drop shot caught a mixed bag of smallmouth and largemouth. The water temperatures were in  the mid 50’s and the three anglers on that body of water landed 8 bass in 8 hours. The last couple nights in the  hilltowns temps only in high 20’s water temps have been 53-56 degrees. Did one afternoon of bank fishing which I rarely do at a popular spot in Cheshire where there were numerous families fishing, great to see parents getting children outdoors. 

Don’t forget to check out the latest episode of Jigs & Bigs from Tuesday! My favorite segment, FTG, is particularly a hot button this week for me. LIsten, and you’ll know why. 

Stay safe out there folks and have fun! Tight lines!

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