Jigs and Bigs Fishing Report: 05/15/2023

Okay, so it’s Monday NOT Thursday, but when life gets in the way of routine you just gotta roll with it, right? And there is no way we could skip a week of the fishing report! Here’s the latest from the JigHeads!

Tim only hit Quabog one time for a big boat tournament this past Sunday reporting that the water temperature was 64 degrees while the air temp was about 70. He also said that the fishing was slow. Tim caught all of his fish on Texas rig soft plastic in about 3 feet of water. He did see some fish on beds, reports that it was very far and few in between as most of the beds were out a little bit deeper and it was dingy water, making it tough to see the fish. Tim said that only 9 pounds won it with a five fish limit. I had about 7 pounds myself.

Cousin Jon got back on the water on Thursday when he took the boat out on Congamond with his dad finally, to see how it ran. He said that the boat ran pretty well for an old motor and he managed a 17.5″ largemouth off a dock on a creature bait. Put up a great fight too!  

Ryan the Butcher, a brand new dad, was able to sneak out for a few hours with his dad last week as his mom babysat the new princess. Ryan was able to catch smallies and largemouth on all types of baits up shallow, from neds, spinners, and cranks. He reported that the water was 59-61 degrees and the fish were chewing! Back to dad duty! 

Jerry made it out last Sunday at a Hampshire county hill town lake where the water temps were 53-56 degrees. Jerry did some pan fishing and caught bluegills, yellow perch, and crappie fishing with worms and nightcrawlers. He also landed six largemouth bass on perch color jerkbait and green pumpkin chatterbait. 

His next outing on Monday was spent pre-fishing for the upcoming MAKB West tournament in Berkshire county where water temperatures were 58-60 degrees catching rock bass, pickerel, and bluegills on neko and ned rig with natural color soft plastics. Jerry also took some family fishing at upper highland lake Tuesday afternoon and caught a variety of different fish including largemouth, smallmouth, crappie, and trout. It’s an easily accessible place to take kids fishing. 

Bobby Roast Beef started his week in Maine up at Moosehead Lake, where he managed a couple of smallmouth and a laker all on a large in-line spinner. Unfortunately, my post trip sessions will be on the bank until some parts arrive for my kayak. Long trip, and lots of vibration on the trailer made for some missing hardware. 

Bobby’s first WMASS trip brought him to a small, relatively shallow pond where he says he has managed in the past to hook up with a number of 15″+ LMBs. This outing was no disappointment, as he managed a handful, all eating a 5″ Senko. Bass were extremely shallow, showing some spawn behavior. 

The next day he paid a visit to one of his regular bank fishing haunts where he managed a decent sized chain pickerel on a finesse swimbait, and a couple dink bass on a drop shot. Needing some smaller species for the JB Online Monthly Tournament, I stuck to smaller, lighter presentations. 

Mr. Roast Beef also managed a number of bass at his next spot reporting that the largest was 15 inchases, landed on a ned rig. He also noted that these fish were not as shallow as the day previous, but the body of water is quite a bit larger… so it’ll only be a matter of time. 

The spawn is on, at least the very beginnings of if. Remember to return bedding fish to their nests as quickly as you’re able to. 

Don’t forget to check out today’s new episode of Jigs & Bigs!  That’s all for now folks, tight lines! 

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