Jigs and Bigs Fishing Report: 04.18.23

Happy Thursday! Here we are ready to go with this week’s fishing report from the JigHeads!

Tim got out once to the local lake Congamond where the water temperature was 65.5 degrees. He said that it seems to be that difficult time between the majority of the spawn and post spawn, and said that he did not see any fish guarding fry. Tim did manage to catch about 8 fish on Ned rigs and Senkos this time. The Senko fish were on the back portions of dock posts, and he did find one male bass that seemed to be guarding a bed and was very aggressive. This fish bit three different lures, good thing, because one of the lures broke off in its mouth Tim pitched a small little jig back in and he ate that too, and he was able to get the other lure out and release the fish; no harm no foul. Definitely starting to see some schooling bait activity out in the middle of the lakes although I did not fish those schools of bait.

Shawn the Fisherman got out a couple times this week, hitting both the Berkshires and Central MA. 

His mountain outing was for the MAKB Western’s 2nd event at the Stockbridge Bowl, where every species but largemouth were on fire. He said that it seemed like most of the bass were in that unfriendly spawn to post spawn time of the year, but it was a great multispecies day. Shawn’s 2nd trip was to pre-fish the 2nd MAKB Northern division event where clear skies and a nasty wind made the fishing tough. Shawn did manage to land a couple largemouth on bladed jigs, so the summer bite may be starting up.

It’s transition time in the northeast. Keep your eyes peeled for remaining fish on beds, look for emerging weedbeds, and start thinking deep for post-spawners. Good luck and tight lines!

Cousin Jon Got out during his work trip to Erie PA on some small streams around the hotel. Lots of active smaller trout willing to hit inline spinners. He also caught this pretty freshwater drum on Lake Erie! 

Nelson hit the water a couple times this week. His first outing was on Saturday for the MAKB Western Division event #2 on Stockbridge Bowl where the water temps were in the low to mid 60’s. Nelson caught several species on a Ned rig and dropshot, but unfortunately no bass. I finished that tournament with a skunk. Nelson reports that he did see several bass up shallow but they were either very skittish and would swim away or they were on beds and just wouldn’t bite. 

His second outing was in the valley where he found water temperatures in the upper 60’s. Nelson reported that there were plenty of smaller bass and pickerel in the shallow water of 1-4 feet deep. This time, weightless soft plastics did most of the work but he also got some on a finesse jig. Nelson did manage one good bass in the 20 inch range, but she came off as he was reaching down to grab her. He also said that he saw empty beds all over this lake and the bluegill were just starting to move up onto their beds.  The post spawn should be in full effect in most of our area. Bluegill imitating lures should get you some good bites. Get out there and get em!

Tomorrow looks a bit rainy, but Sunday and the early part of next week looks like we are going to get some sun and some temperatures in the 70s. Get out and fish! Tight lines folks!

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