Jigs and Bigs Fishing Report: 11/18/21

The fishing has slowed down but it hasn’t stopped completely! While a lot of us are trying to fill our freezers with venison, some of the Jig Heads have still been fishing.

Nelson got out last week in Rhode Island looking for some Blackfish (Tautog) and black Seabass. He was fishing in the area of Narragansett on some rock piles. Nelson fished rock piles from 15 to 40 feet, using green crabs cut in half and some small jigs tipped with plastics. He got both species on both fishing methods at all depths, but the bigger fish came from the deeper water.

Nelson ended the day with his limit Blackfish and a couple bonus black Seabass. He ended his day with a ride home in a tow truck. If you want to hear more about the tow truck ride go listen to the Jigs and Bigs podcast that dropped on November 9th. Right now until Thanksgiving is some of the best times to get on some black fish. If you’re interested in catching some black fish, go check out some of the head boats and charter boats out of Rhode Island. You won’t be disappointed.

Tim made his way out to the Connecticut River this morning where water temps were 44 degrees. He reports the water is still a little stained and current running pretty good. He was able to catch six or seven nice smalleys ranging in size from just under a pound to about 3 pounds on a weighted swim bait and he caught one on a blade bait. Tim said the air temperature was about 65° as he was getting off the water. A beautiful morning to catch some smallmouth bass.

Moving forward now that the season is slowing down the fishing report will be bi-weekly. Good luck out there guys and gals. As always, tight lines!

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