Jigs and Bigs Fishing Report: 12/02/21

Although the fishing has slowed down, some of our Jig Heads have still been on the water!

Last weekend Ryan participated in the final tournament of the year on the CT river, where although it was cold there was no ice on the river. He was able to find the smallies in the deeper drop offs, where it drops anywhere from 7 to 18 feet. He reports having hits on heavy weighted plastic ned heads with a stretching lines mugger craw as bait of choice. Ryan said they also found them on blade baits, jigging and ripping them.

During the week, Ryan was able to fish a shore spot with a current where he knew it was less likely to have ice build up. He said that he was able to get some smaller 10-12 inch “dinks” on a floating Rapala jerk bait.

Ryan reports that he has one more river send this coming weekend and that will be it until spring! I have also partnered up with Damian at Stretching Lines, so we are now partners in the brand together. Come get some baits!

Tim was able to get out today on Congamond where he reported water temperatures of 44 degrees. He started out by motoring around watching his graph for the bait, and noticed that most of the bait, and fish, activities were in the deeper waters; 20 to 30 feet. Wherever he saw balls of bait he saw the arches as well on his graph, indicating fish, and was able to coax two into biting a blade bait with one that came unhooked.

As he moved to the other main lake humps Tim reports he saw none of the bait activity that he was looking for. He was able to mark a few lone fish but was unsuccessful in enticing them to bite. If you’re cold water fishing and you’re fishing deep, motor around looking for bait and fish activity and chances are you’ll see plenty of fish arcs underneath through the bait.

Nelson said that he did not have any actual fishing to report but said that he has been seeing skim ice in the Western part of the state, with even up to three inches of ice in the Berkshires. It won’t be long now before we will be walking on water. If you do see ice out there please be very careful. It’s still VERY early for ice fishing and there are still some warm days forecasted.

I am super excited to also announce that co-host of Jigs & Bigs, Bobby Roast Beef, will now be reporting as a jig head! Bobby fishes small waters both from shore and his kayak. Although he mainly targets bass, he enjoys catching many freshwater species. Bobby appreciates fishing in all capacities and loves urban fishing especially! He highly encourages looking for those hidden gems holding fish in the least likely of places.

If you are a fan of the Jigs & Bigs podcast then here’s more great news and you don’t want to miss out. If you are in the Western Mass or Northern Connecticut area then come celebrate their 100th episode at a live recording on February 5th, 2022! This will be held at the Thomas J. Sullivan Banquet Hall at Nathan Bill’s in Springfield Massachusetts. All the proceeds are going to Make Massachusetts Fishing Spots Great Again. You can get all the details AND purchase tickets here!

That’s all for now! Tight lines!

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