Everyone Needs a Cheefu

When I was young I couldn’t pronounce Christopher, so my cousin become Cheefu. To this day, that’s his contact name in my phone. 

A few weeks ago I did something I rarely EVER do, I upgraded some gear with a “new to me” bow. I had been shooting the same bow since I was 16 and it was time. I even got myself a new target so I set up in the backyard to do some shooting. After 3 shots from 10 yards, I knew I needed some help with my site so I texted Chris. Without hesitation he offered to take me over the weekend to his archery club and dial in my site for me.

For as long as I can remember Cheefu has been someone I can always count on. Yes, we’re family, but it’s so much more than that. We have done a lot of fishing togher, hunting way up north, and we have many stories together. One of his favorites to tell is where as a kid I ended up wearing a mitten as a sock out on the ice because I was so focused on beating everyone else to the tip up, and biffed it on some thin ice and soaked my boot. There are so many stories I could share and go on and on about that involve Chris, but instead of talking about that I want to talk about something else. I want to talk about how people like Chris are nurturing the future of hunting and fishing. 

My cousin Christopher has taught me so many lessons over the years. I think the biggest takeaway that I have learned in spending time with him is about being generous and passing along our passion for the outdoors. Chris is the one who has always made sure that everyone gets their turn, and he’s always extra excited when he’s seeing kids catching fish or harvesting an animal. He never fails to bring extra gear to make sure everyone can be included. When my brother and I were kids it was for us, and now it’s for his nieces and nephews. Chris has also taught me that if you have anything to share, do it. He has never hesitated to pass down gear he thinks we might want but can’t afford, or something that he has doubles of to someone that can use it. What’s more, when he shares his gear and is letting everyone participate, he also shares his knowledge. Chris has got lots of patience, and he takes the time to ensure not only that everyone is having fun but also that they are learning the right way to do things. I have seen a bigger smile on his face when the kids are having fun than when he’s the one holding the fish, and to me that means the world. 

Everyone in their life has people that they look up to, and to say that Cheefu is one of them for me would be an understatement. Everyone involved in hunting and fishing would do well to take a page out of Chris’s book, because without people like him there will be no encouragement and excitement for the generations coming up behind us. Chris is humble, kind, generous, and he loves sharing his passion for the outdoors. 

My guess is that you either are lucky enough to have someone like this in your life, or you are this person for someone in your life, even if you might not realize it. If they haven’t told you, I can tell you if you are that person they appreciate you to no end, and they wouldn’t be where they are now without your encouragement and guidance. These people in our lives are irreplaceable and inspirational. They help us build the foundation of skills that we are so  passionate about, because we get to see them be passionate too. Don’t forget to acknowledge them and thank them. 

Cheefu – thank you. Thank you for all that you have done, and continue to do for us. Thank you for just being you. ❤ You’re one of the best guys I know, and I can’t wait to see you shoot a bomber. Love ya! xoxo

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